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Nice Airport Terminal 2, The Infinity Lounge Review

Hello Everyone, it’s me Marimonda! Today, I’d like to share my experience at The Infinity Lounge (Nice Airport). Hopefully, my review helps you plan your trip!

Nice Airport has two terminals. Each terminal has two lounges :one is for Schenguen Area travellers and the other one is for non-Schenguen Area travellers. I was travelling from Nice to Paris in Terminal 2, so I could access The Infinity Lounge.

Located in near gate A14 after Security Check Point and Duty Free Shops, this lounge hosts travellers whose destination is in Schenguen Area excluding flights to Belgium, Greece, and Netherlands. If you’re travelling outside of Schenguen Area, you can go to The Levity Lounge in the international flights zone.

On the opposite side of gate A 14 near escalator, there’s an elevator which allows you to access the Lounge. Once you get into the Lounge, you will see a reception desk with receptionist. S.He will ask you to present your passport and flight ticket. After checking your documents, the receptionist will ask you how are you going to pay.

There’re three ways to pay : Priority Pass Card (PP card) / Voucher / Instant Access. If you have a PP card, just present it then it’s done. In case of purchasing a voucher or instant access it costs 30 euros. For the voucher, you should buy it on the Internet in advance. The official website is as following. The Infinity Lounge

I found out if you buy a travel pack which involves Nice access(a.k.a. fast track) + 1 VIP Lounge with 26 euros. However, when I put it in my cart it was 22 euros, but at the final payment stage it was 24 euros. Very weird. Since I used my PP card, I am not sure which price is the correct one but it’s worth to compare the price with Travel Pack and a simple Lounge Voucher to save 4-8 euros(plus, you could access the fast track at the security check point). You will see what I meant if you look at the following pictures.

Image Source : Nice Airport Lounge Reservation Page

At the entrance, there’s a newspaper stand. French and English newspapers were prepared. You can pick any newspaper you want and read it, but you should put it back when you leave the lounge.

Surprisingly, there was a pocket ball pool. This is the first time I’ve seen the pocket ball pool in a lounge. I thought it was a good idea to kill time actively while you’re waiting for your flight.

The lounge seemed to be very stylish with its unique chair in the center. It also offers sofas for people who wants to relax and normal chairs that you can see at a cafe for ones working.

The atmosphere was amazing. The Lounge was big enough and very clean. It divided its sections into many segments with different chair styles. View was good and not that busy nor noisy.

On the other hand, the food seems to be needed more options. There were some ham and cheese, bread, chips, and cookies, but those are like snacks not like meal. Meanwhile, from alcohol to non-alcohol drinks, there were plenty of options for drinks.

Even though its limited food options, if you’d like to relax it will be worth it to stay in the lounge. Plus, if you have a PP card, why not? Personally, if I don’t have the card, I wouldn’t go back since I could eat something better and find a cafe to wait my flight with 30 euros.

For those who wants to make a reservation for the lounge, click Here then it will lead you to travel pack reservation page.

I will come back with other travelling stories. See you soon 🙂


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