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Menton, Lemon Festival

Hello, everyone. It’s me Marimonda! Today, let’s go to Menton with me.

Menton is one of the Côte d’Azur towns near the border between France and Italy. Thanks to its location, even though Menton is a French village, it has some Italian features. Menton is a hilly town alongside the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea like cinque terre villages in Italy. Also, there are plenty of Italian restaurants in Menton and they are goooooood! The temperature of Menton is a bit higher than most french cities by 3 celsius. Exotic plants all around the town make this place more attractive. You can find orange and lemon trees on the street, too. With the picturesque view and fantastic weather, it is also called <Pearl of France>.

In Menton, you can enjoy Italian seafood dish with reasonable price compared to Paris. In front of the beach, you can find a flea market. It may be a flea market with the best view in the world. Contrast to the blue sea, the white mini train tours Menton. Even though Menton is a small town, it has hills thus it might be a good idea to take a mini train( €9) to enjoy the scenery.

In the mid-February, this small town becomes busier with visitors all around the world. Menton is also known for its Lemon Festival which takes place for about two weeks like Nice Carnival. The festival consists of the Parade and the Garden. The Parade takes place five times throughout the festival period, thus it is recommended to check out the schedule before visiting Menton otherwise you might not be able to participate. Even though you visit Menton on the day of no Parade, don’t worry. You can enjoy thematic garden decorated with oranges and lemons with its annual theme.

Theme. The event changes its theme every year like Nice Carnival. To celebrate its 86th anniversary, the festival was held from 16th February to 3rd March with the theme of <Fantastic World- Des Mondes Fantastiques>.

The garden was full of citrus scent. You could find imaginary features such as dragon or pheonix, or even a Persian prince in a story made of oranges and lemons. It’s not big so 2-3 hours will be enough to look around the place.

Ticketing. Tickets for reserved seats cost €25 and standing seats cost €12 (online €10 ). The ticket to the Garden cost €12 onsite and €10 online. Two combos are available depending on the parade. The combo I was €32 (online €30 ) and the combo II was €20 (online €17 ). You can save few euros if you purchase the tickets in advance. The price may differ next year.

Transportation. From Nice to Menton, you can take a train it cost €5.5 and it takes about 40 minutes. You can also take a bus #100 at the port of Nice. Uber costs €45-60 and takes 40 mins depending on the traffic situation. Menton itself is a somewhat small town, thus you may not need any transportation ticket in Menton.

Before you leave, don’t forget to go to old town of Menton and go up the hill to see the town view. The village has many eye-catching places to take pictures and wonder around.

I attach some useful websites to travel Menton including Lemon Festival.

Lemon Festival. This is an official website of the Lemon Festival. You can check the schedule and reserve tickets here.

Menton. The official website where you can check the recent news in menton.

Happy travel and see you again. 🙂


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