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How to Crack Spring Sale in Paris

Hello, everyone! It’s me Marimonda!

Spring is round the corner. Yay!

Seeing the fast fashion items cycle here in Paris, I recall one catch phrase of Heidi Klum in a TV show <Project Runway>. “In the fashion world, one day you’re in. The next day, you’re out.” Like she said, you can see new items almost every single day here. Many visitors all around the world also come to France not only to travel but also to see the fashion trends and shop them.

If you’re travelling Paris for shopping.. well you’re at the right time. Even though the Winter Sale (les solde d’hiver, which is one of the biggest sale events in France) was over like a month ago, now most stores in Paris are on Spring Sale due to the flood of Summer items. Each shop may have different schedule for the promotion, but at least this weekend most stores are on sale on selected items. Let’s check out the schedule!

Le Bon Marché – Très Bon Marché (a.k.a. TBM)

Located in the 7th arrondissement, le Bon Marché is one of the oldest department store in Paris. 30% off from the retail price is offered on the seasonal selections. Since they sell more designer brand products, that 30% can save you a lot. The TBM kicked off on 13th March and it ends on 27th March. It lasts two weeks.

Le BHV – 6 Jours

Le BHV Marais is a department store next to Paris City Hall. It’s quite a small department with more casual brands. The sale began 16th March till 6th April, relatively longer than the others. You can get up to 50% off on the selected items. It’s also walking distance to Marais area, thus you can check out boutiques in Marais.

Printemps – 8 Jours Or

Printemps also kicked off its spring sale on 13th March. The sale finishes at the end of the Month. 30% or more discount will be offered on clothings and 20% on beauty products.

Galeries Lafayette – 3 Jours

Galeries Lafayette, another shopping destination in Paris, is also on sale between 20th March and 7th April up to 50% of original price.

La Vallée Village – Les Beaux Jours

La Vallée village is an outlet in Paris zone 5. It’s a bit far away, but they’ve got famous brands that you might like. They’re on sale from 23rd March until 31st March up to 60 % of original price. On 23rd, the outlet opens until 10 p.m. (usually they close at 8 p.m.) and a DJ performance is scheduled from 7 p.m. to boost you after a long shopping day.

My small tips for shopping during the sale.

  • Make a shopping list. It’s also related to your budget. You might fall in love with items you haven’t thought about. Yes, that can happen with the sale magic. There’s nothing wrong you try new styles or items. However, within the limited amount of budget, you gotta remember first things first. Try to get the things on your list first to prevent from spending too much.

  • Dress comfortably. You may want to try many different items. Wearing something easy to change will help you when you try new clothings. Wear comfortable shoes, especially, if you’re planning to spend the whole day to shop.

  • Compare prices. Many stores have similar items. Visit two or three shops before you make a final decision and compare the design, quality and price.

Happy shopping and see you again 🙂

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