Netflix Series Review 1 – Kingdom

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Kingdom, a Korean Netflix zombie series (rated 16 +), was released on 25th January its first season with six episodes. The series was originally designed with eight episode, but Netflix has decided to produce the second season. The team is working on the second season after modifying the first with 6 episodes. Kingdom season 2 will be released in 2020.

Kingdom elaborated a typical zombie series rule – stop the zombie contagion – a bit further. Eun Hee Kim (The writer) was inspired from a hunger and plague record in the Annals of Soon Jo(23rd King of the Joseon Dynasty) and then applied it in this series. Based on the record, she defined <hunger> in two ways – a hunger for food (for people) and a hunger for power (for royal family) – and developed it.

In the series, there are political parties that want to control the king as their favorable way. Cho, Hak Ju (starred Ryu, Seungryong) represents a man craving for power. As a leader of one political party, Cho has his daughter get married to the king to keep his influence. However, the king had died before the queen delivered the baby (prince). Thus, they tried to all the way to keep the dead-king alive. As a result, the king became an immortal feature, a zombie.

Prince Chang (starred Ju, Jihoon) is subject to inherit the kingdom. After seeing the king being a zombie, he wanted to find a doctor who comes to the palace occasionally and consult the king. When he arrived at the clinic, he noticed the spread of zombie. He wanted to stop spreading of the disease by delivering the news to the bigger cities. However, during his absence in the palace he was labelled as a traitor and became a target to be eliminated.

Seobi(Bae, Doona) is a female doctor who works in the clinic. She witnessed her patients turn into zombies after eating a human meat soup. She’s trying to find a medicine to help people out with Chang. After the doctor’s death, it seems like she’s the only hope who can find a solution to this mystery situation.

Kingdom Image, Courtesy of Netflix

Even though some actors and actresses are criticized for poor performances, the series is applauded by many audiences thanks to its originality. Not only the story, but also actors’ outfits draw an attention, too. Hanbok (Korean traditional dress) and Got (Korean traditional hat) are easy to find and purchase online. Plus, seeing features of traditional Korea is also a hidden gem of this series.

Official Trailer

Enjoy your series, and see you again 🙂

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