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La Maison Bleue

Hello, it’s Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to introduce a cozy but yummy restaurant in 10th arrondissement near North Station in Paris, La Maison Bleue. Like the name, the restaurant is decorated in blue.

When you step into the restaurant, you will be amazed with its pleasant atmosphere. The place is not super spacious but full of people, thus it’s recommended that you make a reservation if you want to guarantee your table. I went there quite late time during the week (around 9 p.m. on Wednesday), but most of the tables were taken.

The portion of the food is bigger than it looks. We ordered Le Tartare de Veau Fermier (€ 14), La Belle Côte de Cochon des Montagnes (€23), and half bottle of Pinot Noir (Don’t remember the price exactly but it was €19 I guess) for two people. French baguette is served like other restaurants and tap water is provided on request.

The food was as good as it looks. Pork was cooked adequately, and it went well with Pinot noir. Veau was also very fresh. I especially enjoyed the vegetables served with the pork. They riched the flavor of the meat. The tartare was also delicious, but since I’m not a big fan of raw meat, it was too much for me.

The average price of main dishes is 15-25 euros. If you add a glass of wine and entrée and dessert, it would be around 40 euros per each. We ordered two main dishes and half bottle of wine. It cost around 55 euros.

Overall, we had an excellent dinner. Servers are also friendly and open to answer your questions. I wouldn’t say it’s a cheap bistro but it’s definitely worth to try when you’re in Paris.

The official website of the restaurant is as following. La Maison Bleue

Enjoy your time at La Maison Bleue 🙂

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