Bouillon Racine

Hello, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to introduce you a French restaurant <Bouillon Racine> in the 6th arrondissement.

This restaurant opened in 1906. I went there in 2017 for the first time and recently went there again with my friends who wanted to try French cuisine. You may feel the history of the restaurant with its antique decoration. It’s a second floor restaurant, and the two floors are beautifully decorated.

Normally, restaurants in Paris start to be crowded around 8 p.m. We went there at 7:30, thus we could get in without reservation. By the time we got our plates, the restaurant was full of people.

The portion of the food looks small but when you eat it, it’s perfect. We ordered one entrée menu (escargot) to share, main dishes, and drinks. Since we decided to have dessert in another place, we didn’t order the dessert.

We ordered Echine de Cochon du Cantal(pork), Magret de Canard français à l’orange(duck), and Millefeuille Croustillant de Poitrine d’Agneau Fermier(lamb).

The main dishes were served around 20 mins after the order. While we had the escargot and bread. If the server doesn’t bring you some butter, you can ask. S.He will gladly bring it to you.

Everything was good. The pork was tender and well-cooked. It went well with the veges on the side. It would be better if there were more veges, but the food was great. The duck has its skin on the part, so I tried to remove it at first. However, the meat was better with the crispy skin. The carrots were also yummy. I personally don’t prefer to have lamb, because I can’t get used to its unique smell of lamb meat. I tried only a bite with mashed potato(the green sauce in the picture), and it was good and crispy. (Though I wouldn’t order it for me .. there’re so many other options.)

With drinks(one glass of wine, coca cola, and lemonade), the price was little bit less than € 90 (total). I think that’s a reasonable price. The restaurant is located in little bit away from the touristic spot (only 6-7 mins from place Saint Michel), and is full of local people. Servers are super nice. One thing I would say, there’s no AC system. It was somewhat hot (esp. this week most parts of France including Paris recorded one of its hottest temperature in history), but it was worth to visit.

Happy travel with Marimonda! See you soon 🙂

Practical Info.

Address : 3 Rue Racine, 75006 Paris

Hours : 12:00 – 11:00 p.m.

Menu Ask the waiter for the daily menu

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