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Pierre Sang

Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to review a restaurant in Paris. Pierre Sang is not only a name of the chef but also of the restaurants. There are four restaurants in Paris : Pierre Sang in Oberkampf, Pierre Sang on Gambey, and Pierre Sang signature, and Pierre Sang Express. I went to Pierre Sang in Oberkampf, but all of the restaurants are located in around the corner.

The restaurant offers quite a simple menu: For lunch, you can choose one among 2 courses, 3 courses, or 5 courses; For dinner, only 6 courses menu is available. When the server takes an order, he would ask you whether you have an allergy. I guess they change the ingredient little bit if you have a food allergy.

I ordered three courses meal at lunch time. For entrée, a salad with baked shrimps and cauliflower was served. It was yummy but it didn’t give me an impact to remember the taste. For the main dish, a veau steak was served with some asparagus and veggies with Korean style sauce. The meat was cooked medium (the server didn’t ask how do I want for my steak) and it was perfect to enjoy the meat. For desert, a bowl of sorbet and marinated berries with whipping cream was offered. The cucumber flavor sorbet refreshed the whole mouth. Overall, I was satisfied with the food.

While I was happy with the food, I think the service can be better. We didn’t order any alcohol (as I mentioned above, my friend couldn’t drink wine), nor other beverages except tap water, the server wasn’t happy and I could feel it. The butter was served when he took the order, and we asked for the bread but we got the bread with the entrée which took about 10 mins. I was eating the bread, but the server took the butter and the bread basket without asking when he brought the main plate. We asked what kind of meat it was, and he answered coldly that it was veau. I could see the difference how the server treat other customers in our next table. Lastly, when we asked for a bill, he came with a wrong one(5 courses). I told it’s wrong, and then the server asked me to wait and come back later after using his cell phone.

Since the menu is simple, the price is also simple. For lunch, a menu with two courses cost €20, three courses €25, and five courses €35. At dinner, they serve only one menu with six courses which cost €39. They don’t include beverages.

Overall, food was delicious and if you’re a Korean or have been to Korea, you would feel some Korean touches in dishes. To be honest, I wouldn’t go back after experiencing that bad service. But it’s a personal opinion and if you want to try something unique, it’s not a bad place to try.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda! See you soon 🙂

Practical Info.

Address : 55 rue Oberkampf – Paris XI

Hours : Lunch from 12pm – Dinner at 7pm or 9.30pm

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