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Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to introduce you Florence. This is a general post on Florence. I will post more on the city of Florence later on with more details.

When you google Florence, you probably see the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, where is famous for its gorgeous red dome. The cathedral is the fourth biggest one in the world following after St. Peter’s Basilica (Rome, click here to see my previous post on it), St. Paul’s cathedral (London), Milan Cathedral (Milan). The House of Medici, an Italian banking family and political dynasty based on Florence, led Florence as a very powerful Republic in the middle ages throughout the Renaissance.

Designed by Brunelleschi, the red Dome of the Cathedral is not only an icon of the city but also a part of UNESCO World Heritage with neighboring Baptistery and Giotto’s Campanile. In the basement of the cathedral, there’s a tomb of Brunelleschi. You can see the city view on the top of the Dome or Giotto’s Bell Tower. There’re 463 stairs to reach the top of the dome, and the stairs get stiff and narrow as you go up. Plus, you have to make a reservation in advance to go up the dome.

The city must be stronger in the past. Still you can feel its power through endless tourists. All the streets and monuments were full of people amazed with the city and its history. It seemed like the glory in the past continues these days and it’s more culturally powerful than it used to be. The prosperity in the past may belong to the rich and powerful people but now it’s enjoyed by more people. From the train station to the Pitti Palace, you can access most of the places by foot. It’s not big, but every step in the city will be full of surprise.

The city is also well known for steak and leather products. It’s very recommended to reserve restaurants if you like to try the best T-bone steaks in Florence. I couldn’t eat any because I didn’t make a reservation and I am too lazy to wait for the line to eat the steak. There were some places I was recommended by my friends, but since I haven’t tried them, I can’t give any comment on them. Hopefully, I can go back to Florence to have some decent steaks. Various leather products are available from the street to the luxury boutiques. If you buy on the street, the price is always negotiable. Most of the stores on the street sell similar products. Thus, it would be good to save some money by comparing and negotiating the price.

Hope you enjoy the visit to Florence with Marimonda! See you soon 🙂

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