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Hi, it’s me Marimonda.

Today I’d like to introduce you Burano island near Venice.

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Burano Island

Burano island is known for its colorful houses and lace. In this island, most of men used to work in a fishery industry and the women make lace products. Those vivid picturesque houses help fishermen to find their home in dark. These Days, tourism is the most important business for the residents. There are about 3,000 populations in this island and probably much more people visit the island annually.

How to get there?

You can go to Burano island by Vaporetto (line 12) from Venice and it takes about 40 mins. There are some organized group tours visiting Murano, Burano, Torcello for 4-5 hours for about € 20. I went there by myself because I read many reviews of the tour but many people commented that they could not have enough time to look around each island since the tour was too short. It’s not that difficult to visit those islands above by yourself (actually it’s better since you can manage your time as you wish!) , just wait for the Vaporetto and take it. Most of the passengers will be also tourists like you. Thus, you can hop off when the others do if you’re worried. A day pass of Vaporetto costs € 20 (adult). When you arrive at the island, take your eyes off from the google map and let your heart lead you. This is a small island, you don’t have to worry about get lost, and every single corner you will face tourists.


Since the island is famous for its lace, I wanted to buy some souvenir. In the end, I didn’t buy because clothes I liked were way beyond my budget. According to your budget, many souvenirs are available but in order to get a decent clothing you need more than € 100 at least. They can be much more expensive outside of island, but I wasn’t sure that I could handle those sophisticated fabric well. Thus, I just bought some glass art products. They are cheaper than the main island for sure. Compare two, three stores before your purchase since many shops sell similar things in negotiable price.

Burano lace store
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Taking Pictures

Anyone can be photogenic here. Following the narrow streets alongside the canal, you would see many tourists taking pictures. Many houses in front of the vaporetto station or at the end of the canal are the popular spots to take pictures. Having colorful houses as your background, you may get your lifetime picture there.

Marimonda World

I really enjoyed my afternoon in Burano. It was worth to visit and I prefer here to the main island and Murano island. Unlike Venice, everything seemed quite slow and peaceful (I also loved Venice, it’s just different). Taking a stroll around the town was a short pause that relaxed me from the busy Venice.

Hope you enjoyed the visit to Burano island with Marimonda 🙂 See you soon!

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