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Montparnasse Tower

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Today, I’d like to introduce you Montparnasse Tower where you can see the panoramic view of Paris. There are three places where you can enjoy the city view: The Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse Tower, and Montmartre. I think the city view from this tower is the best for two reasons. You can see the complete view of Eiffel Tower and other landmarks are clearly visible and recognizable compared to the views from the other two viewpoints.

How to get there?

The best way to get there as a tourist is using a public transportation. Many buses are available (# 28, 58, 82, 88, 89, 91, 92, 94, 95 and 96) or you can go to the Montparnasse-Bienvenüe metro station (line 4, 6, 12, and 13). You would recognize the skyscraper building once you’re out of the bus or metro. Also, if you’re coming from outside of Paris using SNCF, it’s Gare Montparnasse.

The entrance of the building is on the side. After entering into the building, take an elevator which will take you to the 56th floor in 38 seconds. On the 56th floor, there’s a souvenir shop, a cafe, a photo zone, and multimedias that will help you enjoy Paris’ iconic sites with explanation.

To get to the top terrace, it’s necessary to walk up the stairs. On the top, it’s an open space surrounded by transparent glass for safety reasons. There are some chairs and a mini bar where you can get a glass of champagne. So you can chill out there a bit.

Sometimes, yoga classes are conducted during summer on the rooftop before the opening hour. The price (around 35 € )seems a bit more expensive than yoga classes (usually 20€  ~25€  per class), but it will be an unique experience. Usually the class tickets are sold out very quickly.


There are two types of tickets. Billet Individual costs 18 € for an adult. The ticket valids for 30 days from the day of the purchase, and you can book the day and time to skip the line. Billet 48h costs 23 € for an adult which allows two entry within 48 hours from the select date. If you’d like to see day & night view of Paris, Billet 48h would be a better option.

What to eat?

It’s next to the train station, so you can see many railways on the top, too. It’s also interesting to see trains coming into the station. Gare Montparnasse has been a hub train station connecting Paris to Brittany region. Thus, there are many delicious crepêries, where you shouldn’t miss out! A bite of crêpes and a bowl of cidre ( alcoholic beverage made from apple, usually it contains 2 ~ 5 % of alcohol) are must things to eat.

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Practical Info.

Address : 33 Avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris, France

Hours :  9: 30 a.m. – 10 : 30 p.m. (Sun.-Thu.) / 9:30 a.m. -11 p.m. (Fri. & Sat.)


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