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Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to share my experience at El Dorado Lounge at Bogota international airport. Among five lounges you can visit your PP card at Bogota, El Dorado Lounge was chosen as the LOUNGE OF THE YEAR AWARDS in 2018. Thus, I decided to visit this lounge using my PP card, and it was one of the best lounges I’ve ever been to.


El Dorado Lounge is located in Terminal 1, international departure in front of Gate 47 and it opens all day long (24hours). Considering the fact that most lounges don’t open for 24 hours, I was very lucky because my flight was scheduled for mid night.

Even if it was my first international flight in Bogota airport, the lounge was really easy to find. Inside and outside of the immigration, I could see many LED panels that telling me where the lounge was. When you arrive at the Gate 47, you can see someone sitting on the chair at the entrance of the lounge. It’s not a reception desk, but you should tell that person that you’re going to enter into the lounge. I simply presented my PP card, and the person told me to get in. In front of the reception, there is a mini-exhibition of Gold Museum in Bogota including El dorado. Since Colombia is known for its gold and the El dorado is one of the most representative pieces in the museum, I think it was a really cool to have opportunity to see it inside the airport.


Dominant color of the lounge is black, so it has very luxurious and fancy atmosphere. Some chairs has leather skin, and they make the place is more homelike rather than a lounge.

Compared to other lounges where usually allow a guest to stay for 3 hours maximum, here we can stay upto 6 hours for one visit. Thus, I was expecting it would be full of people, plus it didn’t look that spacious at glance. However, inside the lounge was huge, so even if there were many guests, I couldn’t feel in that way.


El Dorado lounge has interesting facilities including children’s playground and spa. There is a big hall next to the reception where you can get some refreshments. On the right side, there’s a hallway leading you to other facilities such as playground, conference rooms, buffet restaurant, spa, and bathroom.


Alcoholic drinks are limited to two per adult while you can drink non-alcoholic drinks unlimitedly. The alcoholic drinks coupon will be handed in at the reception desk when you check-in the lounge. With the coupon, you can ask the staffs to bring your drinks. This time I didn’t drink any alcohol because I had a terrible upset stomach when I flew to Colombia from France after having a glass of wine.

Non-alcoholic beverages are self-served next to the food section. At the food station, some refreshments are available including sandwiches, chips, or fruits. For some people who wants a meal, buffet is available with extra charge ($7). Complimentary snacks were enough to fill me up, so I didn’t go to the buffet.


One thing I really liked in the lounge was spa. It’s subject to payment, but it’s perfect to refresh you up before or in the middle of your flight. It made my long flight very pleasant. Spa is located at the end of the lounge, in front of the bathroom. The price is vary depending on the service you choose (15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, and 60 mins), but to avoid paying in gringo price, I would recommend you pay in peso (paying in PESO is more than 10% cheaper than in USD).

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Practical Info.

Address : Terminal 1, international departure in front of Gate 47, El Dorado Airport, Bogota

Hours :  24 hours


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