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Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to share my experience at The Club DFW Lounge at Dallas International Airport. Dallas airport is one of the hub airport in the U.S. There are five terminals in it (A-E) and Terminal D is a main terminal of flights from and to Asia and Latin America. Two lounges are available with PP card: Minute Suites and The Club DFW. While Minute Suites offers a suite (well, it seemed a mini room rather than a suite though) for an hour (after one hour, they charge you), The Club DFW is closer to typical lounges with some refreshments.


Le Club DFW is located in Terminal D, International departure near Gate 27 on the Mezzanine Floor. It opens from 4 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. everyday. Even if you’re flying from other Terminal, you can access to this lounge using Skylink.

I arrived from Bogotá and I was transferring my flight to Incheon. Thus, I didn’t have to change the terminal. I passed the immigration quickly and then had some time there waiting for my flight.


The lounge seemed quite small but it was cozy. After seeing the massive El Dorado Lounge in Bogotá, I don’t think I can find a better one in a short amount of time.

The time I visited here was early in the morning. Thus, people were more energetic and vivid. Reading newspapers or working on computer, most people I saw in the lounge were busy. A big Christmas tree in front of the lounge made me feel Christmas is just around the corner.


The facilities of the lounge are quite simple. There are some refreshments such as salad, eggs, bread or soup with beverages. Well, I was somewhat disappointed with the food to be honest. But it’s better than nothing.

You can enter the lounge three hours prior to your flight time. Computer workstation and printer are available next to the entrance. Shower is also available and it’s inside the toilet. On the other side of the lounge, there is a bar where you can get alcohol drinks.

Overall, if I didn’t have the PP card, I wouldn’t visit here. Without the card, it costs $ 40. I would rather go to another restaurant with that price. But, as I mentioned above, there are two lounges available with the PP card in the Terminal D in DFW. Since I had to wait for my next flight for 4 hours, I think it was a better choice than Minute Suites in this situation.

For someone who would like to take a shower and get some alcohol while waiting a flight, it may be a good option.

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Practical Info.

Address : Terminal D, International departure near Gate 27 on the Mezzanine Floor.

Hours : 4 a.m. – 10: 30 p.m.


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