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Jeju Island – Food

Hi, it’s me Marimonda.

Continuing to previous articles on Jeju Tourism and accomodations, today I’d like to introduce local food in Jeju Island. Sure, you can try them in other parts of Korea. However, these foods are one of the reasons what Jeju famous for. Instead of introducing any specific restaurant in the Island, I would like to introduce food in general so you can consider during your visit in Jeju.

Black Pork Belly : Ogyupsal

In Jeju Island, it is common to eat pork belly with its skin while in the other parts of Korea try pork belly after removing the skin. Probably you’ve seen samgyupsal in a restaurant which means three-layered meat (The part of the meat is pork belly).

Black Pork Belly : Ogyupsal
Marimonda World

Since people in Jeju tried pork with its skin, it’s called ogyupsal which means five-layered meat. Black pork is a local food in Jeju, and it is known for its chewy texture. 15,000 won – 20,000 won would be a budget for one person (without drinks).


Jeju island is also famous for its seafood. Covered by sea and ocean, it is natural that the main food of the island to be seafood. You can enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood from raw fish to cooked one such as sea urchin seaweed soup and abalone porridge. Since urchin seaweed soup and abalone porridge were provided in my breakfast buffet (Kumho Jeju Resort & Lotte Jeju Hotel), I tried sea urchin bibimbap at a restaurant.

Sea Urchin Bibimbap
Marimonda World

Honestly, I was worried because it was the first time that I’ve tried uncooked urchin. Sometimes uncooked seafoods taste too fishy. But it was very fresh so I didn’t feel too fishy. It can be very personal opinion, though. The budget for one bibimbap would be 10,000 won to 15,000 won.

Pork Noodle Soup : Gogi Gooksoo

Pork noodle soup is another must-try food in Jeju. Originally, this soup is a festival food. When it comes to a festival such as wedding.

Pork Noodle Soup : Gogi Gooksoo
Marimonda World

The broth has rich flavor of meat. It is served with slices of pork on the top with green onions. The green onions go really well with meaty-flavored soup. The budget would be 10,000 won – 15,000 won per dish.

Garlic Chicken

Chicken would be the soul food for many Koreans. When it comes to big sport matches, many people enjoy the game having chicken. In Jeju, Garlic chicken is very popular and you would face a long line to get this garlic chicken.

Garlic Chicken
Marimonda World

Yes, it’s yummy. Chicken is always right. Though, it wasn’t that special to me. When you get the chicken, do not close your bag because it will lose its crispness and become soggy. It costs 16,000 won for one chicken.

Peanut Ice Cream

When you are in U-do, you probably see many shops selling peanut ice cream. It’s a vanilla ice cream with peanut topping. Some of them serve it with the whole peanuts, and the others sprinkle grinded peanuts on the top of the ice cream.

U-do Peanut Ice Cream
Marimonda World

I saw that they decorate the ice cream with snacks on instagram, but when I went there I didn’t get any decoration which made me feel it was a bit overpriced. It seemed like all shops sell the ice cream with the same price (5,000 won).

What else?

Horse Meat

If you’re looking for something special, try horse meat in Jeju. You can eat it raw and cooked. Horse meat contains less calories but more calcium, iron and glycogen than beef and pork. Also it’s a local food that you can easily find here but not outside of the island. The budget for horse meat would be a big higher than other food (30,000 won +@).

Braised Cutlassfish

Braised Cutlassfish is also very popular in Jeju Island. Marinated cutlassfish with spicy sauce (red pepper powder and gochujang, etc.), it would be the perfect combo for your rice. You can try this in Seoul, for instance Namdaemoon market. Due to the freshness of the ingredient, I would say you could have better one in Jeju. It’s also a bit expensive, the budget for one person would be 20,000 won +@.

Enjoy your trip with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂


  1. Last time i was in south korea I thought about visiting Jeju island but them i didnt have time, so now everytime i read about it I feel so sad… hope you’re having a great time there, it must be awesome! Greetings from Portugal, PedroL

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