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Hi it’s me Marimonda.

Continuing to my previous article on Pasto Carvnial, today I’d like to recommend things to do in Pasto.

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Pasto is the capital city of Nariño department, in southern Colombia. Nariño is one of the famous coffee regions in Colombia thanks to its geographic character, especially high altitude (2,527m).

The city is pretty small and most touristic spots are in the center of the town. Thus, one day would be enough to look around Pasto. Though, there are some places you can go for a day trip nearby Pasto such as Cumbal Volcano, Azufral Volcano, Cocha lake or Ipiales.

Things to do in Pasto

Explore Historical Center

In pasto, you will be able to see many old churches and colonial architectures which draw your attention. All the churches have unique style and well-preserved.

They are close to each other, so it won’t take too long to look around. The Sun was quite strong, but I got some awesome pictures as you can see above and below.

The weather was perfect, too. It seemed very sunny during the day, still it was cool with fresh breeze in the shade.

Enjoy the Carnival

Do not miss out Pasto’s annual event Blacks and Whites Carnival. The event happens in the early January, usually for seven consecutive days. This year I enjoyed my first carnival in Pasto. If you’re interested in, click here to read my previous article on it.

Visit the Carnival Museum

Considering the fact that the town is known for its carnival, visiting the Carnival museum is a must in Pasto. It is in the commercial district, about 20-30 mins away from the historic center by foot.

In the museum, I could see the history of the carnival. There were many figures and floats that were used for the parades. One of them, you can actually go up to the top and take a picture. It was an unforgettable experience. The top of the float was very small, a lot smaller than I thought, and it was a bit scary. After riding it, now I respect people participating the carnival parade. How can they manage to smile and greet to people in a moving float. Awesome.

Address : Cl. 19 #42-60, Pasto, Nariño

Hours : 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Tue.-Fri.) / 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. (Sun.) / Closed on Saturday and Monday

Carnival Float
Marimonda World

On the way to the museum, I saw the parade floats from yesterday’s Carnival. After the carnival, they collect all the floats near the museum. Then the floats were disassembled and ready to ship to other places. It was great to see them closeby and I spent a lot of time taking pictures.

Visit Artesanal Market

If you’re looking for an exotic souvenir with high quality, artesanal market is the place where you should go. They open during the carnival season, so you can visit Carnival and buy some gifts for your friends and family or even for yourself.

From traditional clothing to mochilla, I found many interesting stuffs. Compared to artesanal market in Medellin, the size of the market was smaller but the price was also more reasonable. You can negotiate the price with the seller. I found a lovely mochilla and got a good deal.

Things to try in Pasto

Try Cuy
Roasted Guinea Pig
Marimonda World

Cuy, the roasted guinea pig is one of the famous local foods in Pasto. I saw cuy in Ecuador and Peru. As far as I remember, cuy in Colombia is the cheapest while the portion or the way they are cooked are the same.

Try artesanal beer

Well, I am not a big fan of alcohol. Honestly, I didn’t expect a lot for this beer. However, it turned out as one of the best beer I’ve ever tried in Colombia. Plus, I saw this one for the first time in Colombia. Probably it’s sold only in local markets. I tried it in a restaurant, thus it was a bit pricey (9,000 cop) compared to other domestic beer brands such as club colombia or BBC.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

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