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Hotel Plaza Carnaval

Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to share my experience at Hotel Plaza Carnaval in Pasto. Located in front of Carnaval Plaza, I would say this is the perfect place to enjoy your carnival in Pasto.

From the bus station, it takes about 20 mins by foot. I could take a cab but after sitting down for almost 20 hours in the bus, I wanted to walk a bit. The way toward the hotel didn’t seem interested and I was somewhat worried because there were not many people on the street. However, it was pretty safe.


One of the things I value the most when I choose an accommodation is breakfast. When I was younger, I prefer sleeping to having breakfast. However, these days I try to have breakfast before leaving the hotel so I can look around the place with more energy.

Every day, they prepare different breakfast. It’s not a buffet, though they offer a balanced meal. The portion was big enough to fill me and even I couldn’t finish all of them. I didn’t see anyone asking more food, but I think they would offer if you ask.


As I mentioned above, it is in a great location. At the rooftop of the hotel, you can see all the festivals and concerts without worrying to get dirt on your clothes.

The last night of the carnival was a bit crazy. All people come to the plaza and enjoyed the party. They were throwing white powder to each other and sprayed each other with foam. I was attacked (?) enough during the day, so I wanted to a chilling night. With a drink in my hand, it was a perfect night.

Price, Facilities and Service

I was super satisfied with the hotel except the price. It was quite pricey compared to the other places. Maybe I reserved it too late, so cheaper rooms were already sold out. It was about 200,000 cop per night ($55-60) including breakfast.

It seems that the hotel has been renovated recently. Facilities were not fancy but all furniture was comfortable, especially the sofa in the hall.

All staffs were super kind. They tried to help me as much as they can. When you go out the receptionist gave me a mask to protect me accidently having foam or white powders in my mouth. And it saved me many times. Also, the doorman told me to be careful with my possessions such as watch by telling me skills typical thieves would use. Those small but considerable touches were very impressive.

During the carnival, you should pass a security check in order to enter the plaza. It was a bit annoying since you may have to open your luggage if the security guy asks.

My visit to Pasto was perfect thanks to enjoyable carnival and nice pastusos. I would love to go back (but by flight next time) and I know where I am going to stay.

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Enjoy your travel with Marimonda! See you soon 🙂

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