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Hi, it’s me Marimonda.

Today, I’d like to share my visit to panorama viewpoint in Quito using Teleférico. Teleférico is a cable car that connects from Quito (3,117m) to the viewpoint near Pichincha volcano(3,995m). It’s one of the must things to do when you visit Quito. After spending my perfect day in La Ronda, I went to ride teleférico to go up high to enjoy the city view.

Mirador des los volcanes
Marimonda World

How to get there

Going to the teleférico from the city is quite easy. You can take a bus ($0.25 per passenger) till the bottom of the mountain. Even if you’re not sure where to take off, you can ask to the lady or the man who receives bus fare in the bus. Also simply use google map to check the bus number.

When you take off the bus, you will see taxis waiting for clients. I took a cab to go up the hill where Teleférico was and it cost me $1.5. When I came down from the hill, however, I found out there was a free shuttle bus run by a mini amusement park at the entrance of Teleférico. I asked whether I could ride it without using the amusement park, and the drive said yes. You might have to wait for a bit, but if you’d like to save money it’ll be a good option. Or, you can simply walk up the hill.


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The entrance ticket cost $8.5 for the round trip. Each gondola lifts up approximately 5-6 people. It takes about 20 minutes to the top. If you have a motion sickness, try to avoid visiting on a windy day. The gondola might shake a lot.

City View
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At the view point

When the weather is good, it would be great to hike up little bit of the mountain. Near the gondola, there are some stores such as a souvenir shop, a cafe and a restaurant. At the end of the souvenir shop, there’s a photo spot where you can take an amazing picture with the city view.

Hiking Trail
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Behind the buildings, you can hike to the top of the mountain. It seemed quite stiff as closer to the top, but the beginning was easy. You can chill out and just relax over there. I don’t recommend you speed up there because it’s very high 4,000 m and above. You might get high altitude sickness. Plus, it’s super windy on the top. My hat was blown away once, so I had to fasten tightly the string attached to the hat all the time.

Sky swing
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All areas are quite picturesque. The sky is super close to you. You can see clouds over the mountains. The scenery was very impressive. There are some picnic tables and chairs so it seemed like a perfect place to enjoy the city and have a day trip. When I was walking around the area, I found a swing that will give you an unforgettable moment. Also, it is free. As long as there’s no people waiting in the line, you can ride it as much as you want.


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