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Carondelet Presidential Palace

Hi, it’s me Marimonda.

Marimonda at the Presidential Palace! Visiting Carondelet Palace in Quito made my trip very special. I haven’t been to any Presidential Palaces in other countries, not even in my own country. Thus, it was very unique experience for me and I wanted to share my experience.

Carondelet Palace

Actually I didn’t plan to visit here, but fortunately while I was walking down the old town, I saw the little announcement next to the palace that I can book a spot for visiting the Palace. You can book it by call, and the number was on the small plate near the entrance. Also the tour is in Spanish, thus if you don’t understand any Spanish, it could be challenging. There were about 15 people visiting the palace and everyone except us was a group tour from other regions in Ecuador.

Entrance of Carondelet Palace, Quito
Marimonda World

When you reserve, you need to choose the time to visit. The lady one the phone gave me two available time, so I think it would be better to reserve this first if you’d like to visit here. The tour takes about one hour, but it depends on the situation. I booked a tour at 9 a.m. and I saw the guard changing ceremony before leaving. It was smaller ceremony than the one in Monaco (maybe 2-3 mins), but still it was fun to watch.


At the side of the Palace, there are two police officers and at the tour time an officer comes to greet you and check your name on the list. Then, you present your ID to enter the building. After passing the door in the picture, there was another security check for visitors and the officer gave me a visitor’s tag.

The tour consisted of two parts: First floor including museums and Second floor including a reception hall and offices. When the President is in the palace, it is forbidden to go up. When I visited, however, the President wasn’t there thus we could go up to the second floor. Also, taking pictures are allowed only in limited areas.

Carondelet Palace, Quito
Marimonda World


First, I was guided to the museums on the first floor. There were two museums and they had different styles. Both of them were small but filled with great pieces from paintings to sculptures.

Marimonda World

After visiting the museums, we headed to the second floor where is normally closed due to the presence of the President. From the second floor, taking picture is completely forbidden, also the rooms that we could visit are absolutely limited. Still it was amazing that they could open the Presidential palace to the public.

Looking around the second floor then we were guided to the first floor. It was about 9:55 and we watched the guardian changing ceremony by luck. Receiving the name tag, the tour was over. Since it takes only one hour, you can plan your day visiting here and looking around the old town or vice versa.

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Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

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