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Quito Hostel Review

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. I come back with Quito Hostel Review.

Today, I’d like to share my experience at Masaya Quito, a hostel in the old town of Quito. Before reserving this place, I had read a lot of reviews of accommodations in Quito. The reasons I chose this place were following : good location and cleanliness.


Well, the hostel was located in the heart of the old town Quito, so it met my one of needs. It’s inside La Ronda, one of the touristic district in Quito. The room wasn’t as clean as 5-star luxury hotel, but in general it was good. I reserved a standard double room with private bathroom. The bathroom was clean, but it wasn’t super nice. Honestly, I was somewhat disappointed with it especially with shower. However, after staying one night in another hostel nearby, I would say Masaya was like a hotelike hostel.

Room Condition

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When I entered the room, there were two ecuadorian chocolates on the bed. They were mini surprise, and I just ate all of them right away. They were the first ecuadorian chocolate I’ve ever tasted in this trip! The room has two big windows toward the garden, so it was very bright.

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There was a big closet, a TV, a desk, and a chair in the room. The room was very big. I would say you could open more than 4 luggages (30 inch) on the floor in the room. On the desk, there’s a tour brochure. The tours operated by the hostel were quite expensive, but it seemed popular.

Garden View from the room
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Breakfast was very simple. A few fruits and two types of bread: bread and pancake are offered with drinks. You can also drink beer or eat something in the restaurant. One meal costs like $10-13, but drinks were very expensive. Artisanal beer cost about $8-9 and vin chaud, too. At night, the restaurant was full of people and during our stay, we went there almost every day to eat something.

Other Programs

The hostel offers a lot of programs, too: yoga, chocolate tasting, meditation, etc. Most of them were free of charge. There’s at least one event every day. The schedule is attached on the wall in the hallway. I wanted to take a chocolate tasting session, but as a tourist I didn’t want to comeback in the middle of the day to participate the event.

However, when I come back in the evening, there were still chocolates on the table and I could taste and purchase them. Actually, those chocolates were the same the one I had had at previous night. They sell the same chocolate at the reception, but it was much cheaper if you buy directly from the guy who organizes chocolate tasting event.

In general, I was very satisfied with my staying there. First of all, I felt very safe. Having been heard the Quito is pretty dangerous, I felt very secure in the hostel. I would recommend this place for travellers with short time. If you’re a fan of luxury hotels or a business traveller, you should find a place in North, where hotels and companies are located. From there to downtown is pretty far.

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Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

Practical Info.

address : Calle Rocafuerte OE3 – 97 y, Venezuela, Quito 170130, Ecuador


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