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Envy Rooftop

Hi, it’s me Marimonda.

Today, I’d like to introduce <Envy Rooftop>, a rooftop bar in lleras park in Medellin. Last week, I was craving for sushi so I decided to eat out. Since I’ve tried most franchise sushi restaurants in Medellin like sushi market or sushi light, etc., I would like to try somewhere new this time.

Night view from the bar
Marimonda World


After googling a few stored, I chose Envy to visit. The rooftop bar Envy is located at the top of Hotel Charlee in lleras park. The bar has a great view of the city, so it seemed quite popular at night. Honestly, I wouldn’t say it was wow, but the view was nice. Many people were chilling out with a glass of beer or other drinks.

Michelada Paisa, Marimonda World

Since it’s at the top of the Hotel, you should access through the hotel entrance. There were securities at door, and they checked my ID and asked me whether I was a guest or a visitor. I told them I was visiting to the bar, and they let me in. You can go up to the bar using elevator. I was allowed to access the rooftop floor since I wasn’t a guest of the accommodation. The buttons to the top and to the lobby are only activated to people without hotel card keys.


The Envy bar is a duplex. Once you get there, the server will ask you whether you want this floor or upper floor. 1st floor has a swimming pool, so it seemed more like a party place. I wanted to have a meal, I went up to the second floor. On the second floor, there is a kitchen and a DJ booth. I couldn’t see DJ when I visited. I think they only play on specific days (according to the website, the DJ plays music on Wednesday and Sunday).

Overall, it was a very relaxing place. Being in the open place makes it more chilling. I wish the weather were better. I would like to go back on a sunny day.


The restaurant is somewhat expensive compared to nearby bars. I ordered a sparkling water, a beer with michelada, an octopus roll, and a salmon roll. In total, I paid little less than 110,000 cop, which is equivalent to $26~27 (These days, dollars are very strong compared to peso, $1 = 4,000 cop).

Octopus Roll & Togarashi Roll, Marimonda World

Taste & Service

The roll was yummy, not the best. For me, the rice was too sticky and the sauce was too strong to taste the fish properly. One portion is served with 8 pieces. So it was enough to fill me up. I liked the drink more, it had local colors with uchuva and tajin.

The servers were very friendly and nice. But there were not many servers, so the service was a bit slower than my expectation. I wouldn’t go back for food, but I am definitely willing to go back to enjoy the vibe when everything goes back to normal.

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Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

Practical Info.

Address : Cl. 9a ##37-16, Medellín, Antioquia


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