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Hi, it’s me Marimonda.

Today, I’d like to introduce another popular cafe in Medellin, Al Alma. It’s also a coffee roastery, but started B2C business in recent years. There are several stores in Medellin including Oviedo, El Tesoro, La Strada, and near Lleras Park.

Al Alma in El Tesoro, Marimonda World

Like Pergamino, each branch has its unique atmosphere. I love the one in La Strada because the store has very different atmosphere compared to the others. But, I go to the one in El Tesoro since it’s easy to access and I can do many things in the shopping mall at one time. Free parking is another plus.


The store is pretty quite and relaxing. I am not sure other branches, but in El Tesoro, clients are allowed to stay for one hour after the last order. They don’t say explicitly, but it was written on the menu. It seemed like they want a fast circulation of clients rather than having the same customers sitting down for many hours with only a cup of coffee. Though it didn’t seem to be strict when the store is not busy.


Al Alma, Marimonda World

The coffee is very delicious and it’s one of my favorite in the city. But, their brunch menus is a must thing to try if you go there. There are many other places serving good coffees, but it’s not easy to find yummy brunch place. I forgot to take the picture, but the portion is pretty big, so if you’re a small eater, you can share the dish with your friend. All most everything served in two pieces: two slices of bread, two slices of bacon, etc.


The price of coffee is similar to the other coffee shops. The tinto (drip coffee) begins around 4,000 cop and cappuccino costs about 5,500 cop. Iced coffees tend to be more expensive than hot coffee. Al Alma is also known for its great brunch menu. Most coffee shops offer either good coffee and few pastries or mediocre coffee with various pastries. Here, however, you can enjoy gourmet coffee and yummy dessert at the same time. The brunch menus are somewhat expensive from 15,000 cop to 25,000 cop, which is almost equivalent to an okay meal in Colombia.


Servers are friendly. They are very attentive to all your request. You order your drinks and food at your table. They don’t have official website, but you can review from the others through tripadvisor or google.

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