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Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to introduce Mundo Verde, an eco-friendly concept restaurant in Medellin. Their specialities are wraps but you may find all kinds of dishes from salad to burgers.

Mundo Verde, Marimonda World


You can find the restaurants in big shopping malls such as Oviedo, El Tesoro, Unicentro, and City Plaza. There’s another store in Primavera area. Primavera is an area where you may find other restaurants such as Moshi and Envy.


I’ve been to the ones in Oviedo and El Tesoro. I absolutely prefer the one in Oviedo, because it’s located in an open space. I feel like having a picnic whenever I eat there. Since there are trees nearby, sometimes birds fly into the restaurant. Also, next to the Mundo verde, there’s Pergamino which is one of my favorite coffee shops in Medellin.

Menu & Taste

Though I’ve been there many times, I always order the same things: a wrap and a poke. Since the portion of the poke is quite big and the wrap is served with two pieces, it’s good to share and try two different menu at the same time.

Warp and Plantain, Marimonda World

One side dish is included in a wrap menu. You can choose Plantain or potato chips. I’ve tried both, and I prefer plantain. I always ask more sauce because I put the sauce on my wrap, too. Each wrap already has sauce in it, but I love this yellowish creamy sauce. Also the vegetables in the wrap are so fresh. Even if it’s not true (maybe?), I feel healthier after eating out here.

Atún Poke, Marimonda World

For poke, I always try Atún poke (tuna), because it has a lot of Tuna. I would say it has more tuna than a tuna roll in the most roll restaurants. You can choose the rice between integral and coconut rice. I like coconut rice. I love the combination of savory sauce and a bit sweet rice. They serve the extra sauce, but I don’t like to add more sauce since all the ingredients are already in the sauce and I like mild flavor. Before adding the sauce, try your food first!

Service & Price

It took me about 15 mins to receive my meal after ordering. Considering that there weren’t many people when I visited, I would say the service is a bit slow. But the food is delicious and all the staffs are attentive to requests.

The average price for menus is about 25,000 cop. Including drinks, 35,000 cop would be enough budget for one person. If you drink alcoholic drinks, your budget may go up.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon. 🙂

Practical Info.


Primavera Branch : Cra. 37 ##8a-28, Medellín, Antioquia

Oviedo: Local 1153B/ El Tesoro : Local 3548 / Unicentro : Local 312 / City Plaza (Envigado)


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