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Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Today, I’d like to review a Korean movie named Gamgi aka <The Flu>.

It’s been a week that I stay at home and do almost everything such as organizing the place, working, reviewing previous trips, and writing blogs. At first, I was somewhat lost. I was informed that I should work at home from Tuesday morning on Monday night. Since other members of family already had been working at home, I didn’t have my own space to set up my working station. Thus, I even had to use ironing board to place my computer. As time goes by, I’m getting used to working at home little by little but still it’s tough. Since I can’t go out, like most others, after work, I watch news and netflix these days hoping everything goes back to normal as it used to be.

Then, my coworkers and I started recommending Netflix series to each other because we can’t go to the cinema anymore. One of my coworkers recommended me <The Flu> telling me that it’s reflecting the current situation pretty much well. I am not sure whether they changed the name to <Virus> after the COVID-19 or only in Colombia, as far as I remember it’s original title is <The Flu>.


The movie begins a smuggling to South Korea. During the transport, all people in the container found dead due to the unknown virus except one man. Then, the virus spreaded as a form of aerosol whenever a patient coughs in public. It’s fatal and very powerful to kill people in a short amount of time and the city is blocked and quarantined…


There are three main characters are in the movie: Jigoo (starring Jang Hyuk), Inhae (Soo Ae), and Mirre (Minha Park). Jigoo is a firefighter working in charge of rescuing people. Inhae is a specialist in infectious disease and Mirre is her daughter. Jang Hyuk and Soo Ae are very famous actors in Korea with their filmography.

Movie Review

The movie was released in 2013, so it’s been 7 years. Its running time is about two hours. I would say the movie pictures pretty well about the situation and it looks highly probable if the COVID-19 lasts long time. Thus, it was quite scary to see locking down a city (which is already happening in the real world these days) and treating to the confirmed cases even if I knew it was an imaginary situation. Surely, the reality would not be like the movie but seeing how the decisions are made by politicians and the interests with other countries were not that pleasant.

Image retrieved from naver movie

For the first 30 mins, the plot is developed quite fast. However, for the next 1h30 mins, it includes many scenes of clichés. The story goes as you can imagine. Some parts of the story seemed to me lacking of coherence such as Jigu feels so attached to the Inhae only after seeing one time. Or they never get the flu even if they’re exposed to the virus without any equipment.

Still, it’s a great movie to kill your time and think about family or friends nearby. Like the movie, I really hope this situation overs in the near future.

Enjoy your time with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

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