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Hi, it’s me Marimonda.

The whole world has been doomed for several weeks. Like I posted yesterday, it’s my second week staying at home and doing everything. Walking around the streets in other cities, trying new food feel like a dream these days. Or the current situation staying at home feels like a part of movie to me.

Hoping everything get back to normal, I’m going to continuing writing about my previous travel stories (probably some of them would go back to few years if the virus keeps me stay at home) and about some netflix series that I’m watching these days. I realized that I haven’t finished my story to Quito and Southern cities in Colombia. Thus, today I’d like to share things I ate during my days in Quito.

Quito is a capital city of Ecuador and I found it pretty international. There were so many foreigners living and visiting, so it was easy to find different types of food in the city. People I met in Quito told me there are more modern and international restaurants (which also means expensive) in Northern parts of the city, and the southern parts of the city is more stuck to the locals.

Chez Tiff Artesanal

Chez Tiff Artesanal, Marimonda World

For a chocolate lover, I would say this is a must place. I love chocolate and everyone knows that Ecuador has one of the best cacaos in the world. I didn’t plan to visit this place (I didn’t even aware of this store), but it was closer to my hostel (Masaya Quito). Thus I visited here without any expectation, but it was a really good choice I’d made during this trip.

I am not sure whether the guy still works there. There was an awesome young man who introduced us to the chocolate world. He gave me a mini-introduction about different types of chocolates and how to make chocolate bars from cacao beans. He was absolutely attentive to my curiosities. It was free and I could taste some chocolates and apply cacao butter to my hands. It’s quite small atelier, but less touristic I would say. I bought some to eat during my travel, and I went back again to buy some souvenirs and say good-bye to the clerk before my departure to Colombia, but there was another lady.

They offer chocolate espresso to other chocolate drinks, and the price was around $3. Chocolate bars cost from $1.5 depending on the size. I would recommend try their cube chocolate with fruits. I think it’s very original and worth to try.

They have two branches in Quito, and I’ve been to the one in La Ronda.

address : T1: Calle La Ronda Casa 989
T2: Garcia Moreno y Pasaje amador; A lado de la Iglesia del Sagrario

Republica del Cacao

Republica del Cacao, Marimonda World

Another chocolate store I’ve been to in Quito is Republica del Cacao. There are many stores in Quito, and I visited the one in La Foch. I think it’s more conglomerate-styled chocolate store. The price is more expensive but you can find more products here from chocolates to hats. They serve the hot chocolate in a cacao-shaped cup, and I found it cute. But it was a bit difficult to hold it because it doesn’t have any handle (see the picture below).

Hot chocolate, Marimonda World


Hostel Masaya

Shrimp curry rice, Marimonda World

If you read my previous article about Masaya, you probably remember that my satisfaction to the attached bistro in the hostel. To be honest, their breakfast is nothing special. However, the dinner is something to try. They offer yummy food with reasonable price (everything is around $10) yet their drinks are a bit expensive in my standard (local artisanal beer cost around $9).

Burger, Marimonda World

I stayed in Quito for 5 nights (three nights before going to Baños and two nights more after coming from Baños) and I had my dinner two times here. The bistro serves food and drinks until pretty late time so it’s always full of people having dinner or drinks. The entrance to the bistro is different if you’re not a guest of the hostel. Thus, I had to use another door when I had burger there. I found it a bit dangerous because the door is toward the La Ronda and I’ve heard that the area is insecure at night. Plus, it was pretty dark due to the lack of street lights.



TGIF, Marimonda World

Well… as soon as I saw its read and white sign, I decided to eat here before I leave Quito. I haven’t seen TGIF for many years. This place reminds me of my university time, so I couldn’t help visiting it. We had their signature rib with Jack Daniel sauce with burger. Everything was perfect, the service was good. We had two drinks, a rib and a burger and it cost us about $40.

Dulceria Colonial

Coffee Break, Marimonda World

Dulceria Colonial is a mini coffee shop in the historical center of the city. It’s just in front of the Presidential Palace, thus I had a coffee break after visiting the palace. The shop was quite small but full of people, most of them were tourists. I arrived there a bit after 10 a.m. but the shop was already full of people and more and more people were coming to get in to have a quick lunch. I had a snack, two ecuadorian empanadas and a traditional cornbread. In total, it cost $11.50.

Address : Calle Eugenio Espejo, Pe4-32, Quito 170401, Ecuador


I haven’t been to many Korean restaurants outside of Korea, but this is one of the best Korean restaurants I’ve ever tried. I am not sure other menus, but at least for the dumpling soup, it was very authentic and even better than some restaurants in Korea. The price of the food was quite expensive compare to average price. Though, I found that it’s located in a gourmet area like Primavera or Manila in Medellin. That’s probably why the price of food is somewhat high. The portion of the food is pretty big. We paid $30 for two people. Each meal costs more than $10.

Address : Av. La Coruña 30-135 y, Quito 170517, Ecuador

It is quite sad that I couldn’t try lots of local food in Quito. I am pretty sure that I will visit Ecuador again and try other different food when the COVID-19 is over and everything goes back to normal.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

Colombia has extended its quarantine until 13th April. Due to the measurement announced by the government, National flights are temporarily suspended between March 25 and April 12, 2020 and international flights between March 23 and April 30, 2020.

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