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Quito to Ipiales

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Today, I’d like to share my trip back from Quito to Ipiales.

After coming back from Baños, I stayed two more nights in Quito looking around the town. I went to the church on the hill and wandered around The was much cheaper than the previous one I stayed, the location was perfect (just in front of the square in the old town), and staffs were friendly and helpful. However, I wouldn’t like to go back again because next time if I visit to Quito, I’d like to stay in northern part of the city. It took me the whole day from Quito to Ipiales.

From Quito to Tulcan

I had breakfast and left the hostel to take the bus to Tulcan. I called a Uber and it cost me about $7-8. Bus fare from Quito to Tulcan was $7 per person and it took me about five hours and half. Arriving at Tulcan, I had late lunch at Kroky in front of the terminal. I don’t remember the price exactly, but most it cost me less than $5 for two people. The portion of the food was really big. If you order a piece of chicken, it comes with rice and french fries.

Kroky, Marimonda World

After having chicken, I took a cab to the border. It cost me $3.5. I was thinking of calling Uber, but since it was in front of the terminal there were lots of cabs available. I didn’t want to waste time calling and waiting for the uber because I wasn’t sure when the immigration office closes and I would feel dangerous arriving at the hotel late in Ipiales.

Tulcan to Ipiales

Bye Ecuador, Marimonda World

From Tulcan to Rumichaca where the border is located takes around 10~15 mins. The immigration took me about one hour for the both side. It was only around 7 p.m., but it was already pretty dark as you can see the picture above. As soon as I had finished the immigration, I took a cab to the Ipiales terminal. I reserved a place just across from the terminal so that I could take the morning bus on the following day.

Hotel San José

I stayed a place named <San José>. It was just few steps away from the terminal. I’ve heard Ipiales is quite dangerous these days. Even the taxi driver from Rumichaca told me do not go out at night adding there had been serious crimes at night recently.Thus, I wanted to minimize my movement from the terminal, and also after the long trip from Quito to Ipiales I really needed some decent place to rest.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much about the place. Actually it was beyond my expectation. The room and the facilities were very modern and clean. The price of the room was 70,000 cop excluding breakfast. On average, breakfast costs about 7,000 cop – 10,000 cop depending on the menu you choose. Also, they only accepted cash. The staff told me the card machine was broken so they couldn’t receive the paycheck with card temporarily. This also I’ve experienced so many times, so there was nothing to surprise.

On the following morning, as soon as I had breakfast I headed to Popayán, aka the white city.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

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