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Ipiales to Popayan

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Today, I’d like to share my trip from Ipiales to Popayan, aka the White City.

Bye Ipiales, Marimonda World

From Ipiales to Pasto

Leaving behind Ipiales, I took a bus to Popayán early in the morning. I planned to take a express bus to popayan, but it was sold out. Thus, I had to split my trip into two : Ipiales to Pasto and Pasto to Popayan. The bus from Ipiales to Pasto took me two hours and half and it was 10,000 cop per person. It seemed like I could negotiate the price of the ticket because the ticket they issued me said it was 12,000 cop. I think they gave me discount because I bought the last minute ticket and they rather fill up the van instead of leaving with empty seats.

From Pasto to Popayan

I had lunch at Pasto terminal and took another bus to Popayan. The ticket was 44,000 cop and it took me 7 hours, as a result I arrived in Popayan later than 9 p.m.. What a long journey!

The First Meal in Popayan

Solomito, Marimonda World

Well, it was quite sad because it was the last hotel that I stay in this trip, so I reserved pretty good one: Hotel Dann. I was expecting to enjoy outdoor pool and relaxing the rest of the day. However, the reality went way beyond than my expectation. As soon as I checked-in the hotel, I ran to the attached restaurant to see whether they still serve the meal or not. Luckily, they were about to close the kitchen, so they took the order.

Hamburger, Marimonda World

The food was okay and the price was reasonable. Though the solomito was a bit salty, but I normally eat very plain food, and except that everything was fine. Feeling good, I had a great night at hotel hoping to see the town on the following day.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

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