Hotel Dann Review

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Continuing my previous post on Popayán, today, I’d like to review the hotel Dann Popayán.

As I mentioned earlier, this was the last accommodation that I would stay in this trip. Thus, I wanted to chill out and relax a lot before the long bus trip to Medellín. That’s why I booked this hotel. Though it didn’t went as I planned, I had a great refreshing moment at the place.

Hotel Dann Popayan, Marimonda world

It used to be a monastery in the past, the whole place was equipped with all the antique things that I saw in the National Museum Guillermo Valencia Popayán. It felt weird that I could sit on the chair that I saw in the museum and have some snacks.

Room Type

I booked a double room. My room has a window toward the street. Though the street seemed very close, so I couldn’t open the curtain. Thus, the room was quite dark. Especially at night, the light was weak as you can see in the picture below.

Hotel Dann Popayán, Marimonda World

In each drawer, there was a bible and the room was full of religious things.


Hotel Dann Popayán, Marimonda World

In the garden, there are some tables and chairs so I could enjoy the Sun. Also there is a swimming pool I could enjoy, but it seemed a bit out of maintenance.

Hotel Dann Popayán, Marimonda World

There is a small fountain in the middle of the inner garden. I saw guests sitting around it and having a tea break in the evening. It looked so peaceful. The town itself is also very quiet and tranquil.

Hotel Dann Popayán, Marimonda World

Budget & Service

For one night, it costs about 250,000 cop + tax. It depends on the season, but I guess it’s the average price all year around. I paid a bit more than 330,000 cop including the dinner in the previous night.

All staffs were very attentive, but the service was quite slow. It’s a quite big hotel but there is not many staffs at least when I stayed.

Practical Info.

address : Cl. 4 ##10-14, Popayán, Cauca


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