Cabo de la Vela

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Continuing to flamingo watching, today I’d like to talk about an unforgettable day at <Cabo de la Vela>.

After enjoying the flamingo watching, I returned to the hostel. It was around 9 : 30 a.m., thus I had enough time to eat and pack my stuffs to move. At 10:30 a.m., Mingoo came to the hostel to pick us up. On the previous day, I stopped at cabo for a short moment to change the transportation. It seemed like the area where the drivers serve was strictly regulated under their rules. I booked a colectivo for the following day to go to Cabo de la Vela. The guide-driver(Mingoo) told me he would meet me at 10:30 at the hostel.

En route


We came to the bigger town and waited for one hour because it was a colectivo and Mingoo didn’t want to depart before we were at least four. Later, two Belgians joined us so we departed to Cabo de la Vela. The way was a bit spectacular. We had to across a desert and beaches. There were endless kids on the street begging some food or water. However, we were told not to give them any for free because the Guajira department would like to educate or instruct kids to learn how to manage life by learning some useful skills instead of begging.

Having a flat tire in the middle of desert was not fun at all!
Flat Tire, Marimonda World

What should I say? We were passing by desert along the beach. Everyone in the colectivo was overwhelmed with the scene outside the window. All of sudden, Mingoo stopped the car. We were so naive and thought he stopped the car because he wanted us to take pictures in the nature. Well.. WRONG! šŸ™ We had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Luckily Mingoo had a spare one. He had looked for some tools in the car and then started replacing the flat tire. To my surprise, four kids showed up suddenly and started looking at Mingoo working on the tire. We helped Mingoo change the tire and moved on to our destination.

En Route, Marimonda World

It felt like endless.. after driving about 3 hours and half. We finally arrived Cabo de la Vela. This area is popular for eco tourism because we could see from desert to caribbean beach.

Rancheria Utta

I was expecting an exotic accommodation, and it was but in a different way. I got a chinchorro-room at Rancheria Utta because all rooms were sold out.

Rancheria Utta, Marimonda World

Sinte the room didn’t have a door and was located in front of the beach, there were so many mosquitos or insects. Thus, a bottle of mosquito or insect repellent is a must carry thing. Moreover, the indigenous people (usually girls around 12-15 years old) come in without any notice trying to sell bracelets which was a bit annoying and scary especially at night. I heard sometimes they try to steal valuable stuffs so you should put everything in the locker (a mini door behind the yellow chinchorro) and lock it and keep the key in a hidden place.

Rancheria Utta, Marimonda World

The place was pretty simple, but it had a great caribbean view in front of it. I had so relaxing and peaceful afternoon under the parasol. the food was amazing with reasonable price. I would go back only to try that shrimps again.

Rancheria Utta, Marimonda World

As far as I remember the price for a room was 70,000 cop. which means 35,000 cop per chinchorro. It’s been almost two years and half, thus I assume the price is higher these days.

Practical Info.

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