Punta Gallinas

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. 🙂 After enjoying a nature friendly night at Cabo de la Vela, I continued to my journey to Punta Gallinas.

In case you would like to know the whole itinerary of this trip, click here.

A night at Cabo de la Vela

The night at Cabo de la Vela was like in a fairy tale. I could see countless stars in the completely dark sky. The sound of waves from the beach was like a cradle song, so I felt asleep very quickly.

Punta Gallinas

On the way to Punta Gallinas, Marimonda World

Punta Gallinas is a northernmost point of South America. It’s on the Caribbean Coast, in Guajira department, Colombia. Thanks to its isolated location, the area still keeps well-preserved environment. I would say it’s one of the most exotic places you could imagine and experience not only in Colombia, but also in the world.

Punta Gallinas, Marimonda World

Alexandra Hostel

On the following day, Mingoo came to Rancheria Utta to pick us up at 5 : 30 a.m. He took us to a small dock, where we can take a boat to Alexandra Hostel. The boat took 20 mins to get to the town.

Alexandra Hostel, Marimonda World

At Alexandra, there were two room(?) types were available: A room and a chinchorro. Having stayed in Chinchorro previous night, this time I chose a room. A chinchorro cost 20,000 cop per person, while a room for two people cost 70,000 cop. Which is less than 10 dollars difference, but you can get electricity to charge your gadgets, a private toilet (though it doesn’t have any door) and a shower in the room. Also, a fan is equipped.

Another reason that I chose a room was following: No locker for guests. I asked the owner if there was any locker to store my things. The lady saw me and told me that they don’t have any because there was no thief in town. If any robbery case happens, one of the guests is the suspect. After listening to the answer, I chose a room right away.

Alexandra Hostel, Marimonda World

On the left, those are the rooms, and on the light under the roof, there are lines of chinchorros. In the middle, you can see public shower and bathroom. As you can see in the picture above, the powerplant in the town is very small and it offers limited amount of electricity per day. Thus, at 10 p.m. all the lights in the town are turned off.

Taroa Dune

There are two types of tours available : Flamingo Watching (morning) and Taroa Dune Tour (afternoon). Since I saw Flamingos in Camarones, I chose to skip the option this time. Instead, I participated the Dune tour. It was the first time that I saw Dune, so I was excited. The sand was hotter than my expectation, and it was harder to climb up than I’d thought. There was a beach under the Dune, so I could enjoy the swimming for a short amount of time, too.

Taroa Dune, Marimonda World

The contrast of the blue sky and brown sand made a breathtaking view. It was very calm and peaceful moment. Taking some break and pause from busy modern life, it was a great time to reflect myself.

Taroa Dune, Marimonda World

Enjoying the Sunset

Punta Gallinas, Marimonda World

After spending some time in the Dune and the beach, we headed to the lighthouse to see the sunset. We parked the car in front of the lighthouse and walked to the beach.

Stone towers, Marimonda World

Since we had some time left, we built stone towers and spending time. The Sun set was another thing not to miss if you visit Punta Gallinas.

Sunset, Marimonda World

The Caribbean changed its color to impressive yellow and orange from greenery blue. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay until the end of the sunset because we didn’t want to come back to the town in the complete dark.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon. 🙂

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