Hi, it’s me Marimonda. 🙂 Leaving behind Punta Gallinas, I decided to drop by Riohacha to take some break on my way to Santa Marta.

Riohacha is a city where I landed on the first day of trip. The city is also known for its beautiful beach and wayúu bags. As soon as I arrived at Riohacha terminal around 2 p.m., I bought a ticket to Santa Marta departing at 6 p.m. Since I had few free hours before my bus, I took a cab to the beach. In Riohacha, the taxi fare is fixed, basic fare in town (which as 5,000 cop in 2017). I told the driver to take me to Calle 1 (1st street).

Calle 1

Driving along the beach, the driver asked me which part of Calle 1 did I want to take off. On the street, there were many mochila sellers. I wanted to take a look, so I took off the cab.

Buying Wayúu Mochilas and Handcrafts
Wayuu mochila bags, Marimonda World

Due to the irresistible price, I’d already bought some bags in Cabo de la Vela. However, as soon as I saw the endless lines of the colorful mochila, I couldn’t resist get some more. In my own defense, the price of mochilas in the Guajira department is almost half of the one in Medellín. I remember I bought two smallest one in Medellín artisan fair for 100,000 cop (50,000 cop per each), but here I found the same size from 20,000 cop.

I also bought a straw hat. In this tropical weather, a hat is a must to protect my skin. The hat was 13,000 cop and the decoration on it was 12,000 cop. In total, I paid 25,000 cop for this. Having bought some things, I strolled a bit alongside the beach.

Malecón Beach

Malocon Beach, Marimonda World

Malecón beach was full of indigenous people selling artisanal stuffs, bars and restaurants. Some people were playing beach volleyball and doing other sports. The atmosphere was quite relaxing and active at the same time. It must be the hippest place in town.

Malocón Beach, Marimonda World

At the end of the playa, there is a historical pier which is another tourist attraction in town. Sadly, I couldn’t go there because I spent too much time in shopping so I was in short of time in the end. 🙁

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

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