Santa Marta

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. 🙂 Having few hours break in Riohacha I took a bus to Santa Marta, where was the first Spanish settlement in Colombia.

Thanks to its historical background, Santa Marta is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean Region. Actually, I felt there was not many things to do in the city. However, it was the first city in Colombia and thanks to the geographical characteristic, the city plays a very important role as a port to the world. The city was very calm and peaceful and I was so thrilled to stay in a comfy place. In a way, Santa Marta reminds me of Bordeaux in France. Everything seemed pretty slow and people were relaxed.

Walking around the downtown

Santa Marta, Marimonda World

Most of the alleys were quite narrow, but connected to the main square. It seemed quite difficult to get lost this town. Following the locals, I arrived in the center of the city.

Santa Marta, Marimonda World

In the square, Cathedral Basilica of Santa Marta is located. This is the oldest churches in Colombia, so it is considered as a mother to other churches in Colombia (details).

The weather in general was extremely humid and sunny. Thus, I had a cup of ice coffee at a cafe in front of the cathedral. Since it’s a main square, there are many travel agencies. I wanted to visit the Tayrona National Park while I’m staying here, so I visited some of them to ask questions and compare the prices for a day trip.

wayĂşu bag seller, Marimonda World

I also saw an indigenous man selling mochilas in the heart of the square. It was very authentic but I’d bought so many in Guajira, this time I decided to pass. As it got darker, I headed to the beach.

Wandering along the beach

The Statue of Rodrigo de Bastidas, Marimonda World

At the end of the street, I saw a statue standing in front of the beach. The model is Rodrigo de Bastidas, a Spanish conquistador and explorer who travelled alongside the Caribbean and Latin America. He found Panama and Santa Marta. To memorize him, they built a statue of him in front of the beach.

Santa Marta, Marimonda World

Passing him, I saw a white sand beach. It was getting dark, so many people come to the beach after work to enjoy the sunset and play in the water. There are lines of gourmet and fancy restaurants and also street food vendors.

A statue of Indigenous people, Marimonda World

There were other statues on the beach. I saw this one and reminded the vendor I had saw during the day in the main square. His outfit matches to this exactly the same.

Nightlife in Santa Marta

At night, I went to Los Novios Park to walk around and have dinner. This little district is full of cool bars and restaurants and safe. There are some other places such as Rodadero where you may find fine dinings. In Los Novios Park area, I found a cozy mediterranean restaurant : Ouzo.

The place was small but full of people. It was pretty dark inside but I could get good pictures of food. Considering Santa Marta is a city located near the beach, I had seafood and both of them were very delicious and fresh. Looking at the photos, my mouth is watering. YUMMY!

As I mentioned earlier, the city itself is nothing special. However, Santa Marta was a good place to take some good rest and recharge to continue the journey. I planned to visit Tayrona National Park on the following day, I didn’t want to go to bed too late. Thus, I went back to the hotel after the meal and enjoyed the comfort of the modern facilities.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you again 🙂

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