Tayrona National Park

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. During my days in Santa Marta, I took a day trip to Tayrona National Park.

Surrounded by the Caribbeans, Santa Marta has an amazing nature and is a popular destination among tourists in Colombia. I booked a day tour previous afternoon at a local travel agency in the main square. The guide and driver came to my hotel at 7:30 a.m. to pick me up and it took about 30 mins from the downtown to the entrance. You can also go there by bus or taxi.

Entrance Fee

Tayrona National Park Ticket Price Table from

I haven’t written down the price of the ticket, thus I don’t remember exactly how much I paid. Instead, I attached the official ticket price in 2020. For Colombians, and foreigners with resident card it costs from 18,000 cop to 28,500 cop while for foreigners, it costs 53,500 to 63,500 cop.

Walking in the nature

Tayrona National Park, Marimonda World

Jungles and beaches coexist inside the Tayrona National Park. In Punta Gallinas, I was surprised to see the Caribbeans only few steps away from desert. Here, I could see jungles and beaches only few steps away from each other. Since there is no jungle neither desert in Korea, this was an interesting experience which I would never forget.

Tayrona National Park, Marimonda World

Walking in the jungle for a while, I could see a beach in distance. As you can see in the picture, the wave is quite high and strong, thus it is forbidden to swim in this beach. However, there are some beaches where you can swim, and it was pretty awesome.

Tayrona National Park, Marimonda World

Passing by the beach, we entered into the jungle again. It was very humid and hot. Not only the humidity but also lots of insects made this trekking unpleasant to be honest. I had to spray a repellent all over me in order to avoid to be a victim of those hungry insects.

Tayrona National Park, Marimonda World

After walking a bit, we reached at <La Piscina>. Here, rocks are lined up in distance, so they break big waves into small ones. Thus, it’s pretty safe to swim in this area. That’s why it is called <La Piscina>, a natural swimming pool.


Our group walked to Cabo where is a beach, restaurants, some camping facilities, toilet and showers. We had lunch there since it was the only restaurant, and then spent some time at the beach. The lunch cost around 15,000 cop. The toilet cost 1,000 cop and the shower cost 2,000 cop.

Unfortunately, while I was taking a shower, the group left. I guess the guide thought I already left by myself or decided to spend a night here. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one left. Having seen this in Peru, I had to come back to the entrance as soon as possible.

Way back to the Entrance

Tayrona National Park, Marimonda World

I took the same route that we used to come here. There are other ways to come back. You can take a boat which take you directly till the end of the beach (near the entrance) or ride a horse to walk the jungle areas. Those options are only available at Cabo where all the businesses are provided, so it wasn’t my option. In the end, we arrived earlier than the guide and group. They took another route to look around the nature.

We come back to Santa Marta, and walked Rodadero altogether along the beach. It was an amazing day at Tayrona National Park. I would like to stay there one night if I ever go back. After talking with the guide, I decided to visit Mompox on the way to Cartagena.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

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