Santa Cruz de Mompox

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. After having a great day at Tayrona National Park, I decided to visit Santa Cruz de Mompox.

Santa Cruz de Mompox, also known as Mompox or mompós is a small but very inspiring town. The unbeatable tranquil atmosphere made myself be peaceful. Since the weather was extremely hot and humid, I found the hat from Riohacha was very useful 🙂

I took a night bus from Santa Marta so that I could arrive at Santa Cruz de Mompox before 7 a.m. I prefer to ride a night bus so I can save some money and time.

As soon as I arrived at the bus terminal, I headed to the downtown. Since the town is pretty small, everything is in walking distance. First I found my accommodation La Casa Amarilla hotel and then I left my backpacks to go out to have brunch.


Santa Cruz de Mompox is a significant city in Colombian history. First, Simón Bolívar arrived here in 1812 and recruited some people to liberate Venezuela. Second, Gabriel García Márquez was inspired a lot from this city when he wrote novel. He is the only Colombian Nobel Prize in Literature winner so far.

Thanks to its geographical characteristic, it was very important city with Magdalena River. Thanks to the river, Mompox could store and accumulate some valuable things including army.

The city is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage in 1995. If you are interested in this, you may find more information in wikipedia.

Things to do

The city is extremely hot and humid, thus I don’t recommend you to walk around too much during the day. Though, the colonial architects were eye-catching

Visiting churches
Iglesia Santa Barbara, Marimonda World

This yellowish surreal church is located in the heart of Mompox. It caught my eyes from distance. Seeing this, I thought Mompox was and is another religious town in Colombia. On Sunday, everything in town goes based on the schedule of Church. When the church time arrives, the locals head to their church and the street is quite empty. I also visited several churches and strolled around the town to enjoy the relaxing moment.

Piedra de Bolivar

As I mentioned earlier, this town played an important role in the past related to Simón Bolivar. Thus, there is a zeolite of him telling us what he did in the town.

Walking around the town
Mompox, Marimonda World

Other than that, seeing colonial buildings and the river is also another good thing to do in Mompox. You may find a mini library, run autonomously with donated books from tourists and village people.

Mompox, Marimonda World

Having a cup of coffee at a witty coffee shop is another fun thing to do in town. A bit hippy but stylish coffee shops welcome visitors of town. Most of them are located on the first floor of a hostel targeting foreign tourists.

Boat Tour in Ciénaga de Pijiño (Ciénaga De Pijino)

One thing that I recommend to do in Mompox is Boat Tour. There are two tours every day, one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. I personally think the one in the afternoon is better because I could enjoy Sunset, too.

This tour takes more than three hours. It depends on the number of people and the driver of the boat. The lake is really huge, so even though we had travelled for three hours, we could only see less than the half of it.

Mompox, Marimonda World

I felt as if I were in part of a painting when I saw this scene. Just breathtaking… When they were gone, we stopped the boat. Then, the guide asked us if there were anyone who would like to swim. Some of our team said yes, so they jumped into the water and swam for about 10 ~ 20 mins. It was also amusing to see them swimming.

Mompox, Marimonda World

I also was able to see many birds since the lake is huge and has lots of swamps on the edge which is perfect for the bird to provide food.

Mompox, Marimonda World

On the way to come back, the guide told us to look at the sky. So, I chined up and I saw this unbelievable sky. The layers of clouds moving and the reflection of lights on the river was surreal. I still really appreciate to have the opportunity to see these unforgettable scenes in my life.

Mompox, Marimonda World

The Sunset on the way back to dock also caught my eyes. Even though I had to spend more than 18 hours in the bus to visit here, it was totally worth it.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon again 🙂

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