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Hi, it’s me Marimonda.

Seeing a lot of news about France these days due to the COVID-19, these days I imagine often how my life would be if I were in France now. Then, all of sudden, I realized that Notre-Dame de Paris was on fire a year ago.

Notre Dame de Paris, Marimonda World

Notre Dame de Paris on Fire

I was checking back my photo albums and found some pictures of that day. I would like to post them to share the images and commemorate it. A year ago, I was in Paris seeing Notre-Dame de Paris on fire. It was a normal Monday, I took some walk near the Seine during the day and headed back to home. While I was having dinner, I turned on the TV to watch news as usual. Then, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Notre Dame de Paris, Marimonda World

At first, the fire didn’t seem that big to me at least. However, considering the fact that many parts of Notre Dame is in wood and it is one of the most be loved monuments, it seemed difficult to put out the fire in a short amount of time. Seeing the news, I remembered the Namdaemun fire in Korea in 2008. It took us for five years to restore, but it was almost impossible to restore completely as it used to be. Thus, I decided to go out and see how it goes.

On the way, I heard news that the flèche (spire) was already completely destroyed and lost. When I arrived, the bridges to the Cité had been completely blocked, so it was impossible to reach the building. In the crowds, I thought it was like a nightmare. Fortunately, there was no people at that time, so there was victim at least.


All the banks were full of reporters from all around the world for a week.

Notre Dame de Paris, Marimonda World

I took this video near Cité. On the way to go, it was completely blocked, so I couldn’t advance anymore. The alley was really narrow and I was elbowed so many times, thus I decided to move to other place.

Notre Dame de Paris, Marimonda World

I moved to Saint-Germain-des-Prés and could see the rose windows. The stained glass was survived from the intense fire.

Notre Dame de Paris, Marimonda World

When all the fire had gone, I could see better how it was. Luckily, precious monuments inside the church were also safe.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon again 🙂

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