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Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Wrapping up my previous trip to Northern Colombia cities, I would like to share some practical tips to pack.

It was the first travel that I visited some less modern places, I was unsure what to bring to my two-week trip. It took me about 2-3 days to make a packing list. Maybe some of you are also not sure like me, thus I’d like to share useful and unuseful items.

Things I brought…

  • clothes – underwears (min. 3 sets), 2 jeans(long & short), 2 leggings, T-shirt, sleeveless, 3 dresses, windbreaker, a pair of flip flops and comfortable shoes, 3 pairs of socks, sunglasses, hat, swimming suit, sport towel and handkerchief
  • medicine – insect repellent and tylenol
  • toiletries including sunblock, aloe gel, kleenex, and wet wipe
  • gadgets – camera, 2 handy battery chargers, flash lantern and phone
  • emergency food – chocolate bar, sweets.

Reviews on items..

It’s always better to have than not to have. But there are some things that I found relatively more useful (items in orange color), and less useful (items in blue color) than others.


You might thought, why I carried so many clothes for two weeks trip. I wasn’t sure whether there would be any place where I could clean my clothes. I could handwash my underwears or socks because they dry relatively quickly. Considering I moved to another city almost every two days, I couldn’t wash things every day. I usually washed things as soon as I arrive to a new place so that I could have at least a complete day to dry them up.

For me, the long jean wasn’t that useful because the weather was very hot and humid. I preferred wearing leggings to wearing jeans because it was easier to move and more refreshing. A handkerchief was very useful for me because I could wipe out my sweaty face during the day. Instead of using kleenex many times and throw them out, it was much more eco-friendly.


I packed 10 pills of tylenol and one bottle of repellent. To be honest, I didn’t consume any of them. I would carry two or three next time for emergency case. But there were pharmacies in the bigger cities like Riohacha. It would be okay to carry minimum during your stay in Cabo de la Vela or Punta Gallinas. I found repellent was extremely useful. I would say it’s a must thing! Every night, I sprayed it in my bed, in chinchorro, on my clothing to avoid from insect bite.


First of all, carrying toiletries is quite annoying. But, I wouldn’t deny that their usefulness. Especially, most of the toilets didn’t place any toilet papers (especially northern areas), so I had to use mine. I don’t think it’s a good idea to carry a roll of toilet tissue because it’s occupying, but carrying two or three mini kleenex would be enough. Aloe gel was also useful if you have sensitive skin. It cooled down my skin very quickly throughout the night, so I didn’t get any Sunburn.


I brought two extra batteries. Well, actually I only needed one or even not. Since I carried a camera, I took most of pictures using my camera rather than my phone. Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas are the only place where I couldn’t access enough electricity to charge my gadgets. However, my phone wasn’t working in those areas. Thus, I didn’t use battery as I expected (no Internet, no phone call) and charging them once a day normally lasted two days. Well, if you take pictures using your phone then carrying a battery can be useful. I found the handy lantern very useful, because there was no light at night in Guajira areas. You may use your phone, but I found the lantern was a bit more useful.

Emergency food

Emergency food might be important. I made a wrong choice. Chocolates and sweets were not good choice for this trip. The chocolate balls that I brought melted so quickly, and it was very hard to eat. Water is very limited and important resource in some Guajira areas, thus it was also difficult to wash hands after eating it. I would recommend bring some biscuits or things don’t melt.

Well, those are my thoughts about the items I took to the trip. Some of them you might agree or disagree. It’s absolutely based on the personal experience and idea.

I hope this post is helpful to prepare your next trip to Guajira.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon. 🙂

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