Exploring Peru

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Hope all is well with you. Peru is full of charming places including the Inca Empire in pre-Columbian America.

I’ve always curious about the ancient cultures in the world. Thus, Peru was the perfect destination to see and feel them. During Semana Santa holidays, I visited Peru in 2017.

Machu Picchu, Marimonda World

Peru is a giant country located on the Andes with long history. Due to the high mountains, moving around between cities was not easy to be honest. Some places were very high, so I had to take some pills to prevent me from having high altitude sickness.

I had only a week off (9 days including weekends). As a result, I had to organize well my days and decide where to visit. It was not easy because there are so many amazing places in Peru. Thus, I could only visit Lima, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, and Huaraz for about 10 days. I used flights and night buses in order to save time and money.


My itinerary to Peru was following.

1Medellín – Lima- Cuzco
2Cuzco, sacred valley
4Machu Picchu
9Lima – Medellín
Itinerary, Marimonda World

Following the itinerary above, the travel story in Peru will be continued.

Enjoy your travel with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

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