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Inca Ruins near Cusco

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Spending relaxing days in Cusco, finally the day to depart arrived. Since my flight was scheduled in the afternoon (12:50 p.m.), I decided to visit Inca Ruins near Cusco.

Previous night, I booked a private taxi tour at the nearest travel agency near my hotel. After talking with the agent, she told me that I probably can’t make Pisac because it’s a bit further away than the other places. Thus, I decided to visit three places : Tambomachay, Puka Pukara, and Q’enqo for 30 USD. The tour includes a guide, hotel pick-up, visiting places, and escorting to the airport.

On the following morning, the taxi driver (he performed as a guide, too) arrived at the lobby around 6:50 a.m. We kicked off the day at 7 a.m. heading to the first destination : Tambomachay.



I guess we arrived too early. According to the taxi driver (and the guide), the place should be full of tourists and street vendors. However, when we got there, literally there was no one but us. It was great to enjoy the tranquil scenery. Bird chirped and the stream burbled. It was a perfect morning call.


The guide told me that we could drink that water, but I didn’t want to risk it. Instead, I washed my hands and face using it. It was very refreshing. We spent there about 30-40 minutes. It was a pretty big ruin. I think I saw only some part of it near the entrance.

Puka Pukara

View from Pukapukara

Leaving behind the ruins, next destination was Puka Pukara. Puka Pukara served as the entrance to Cusco long time ago. It’s located on the hill, thus I could see far away. Probably people from Cusco used this geographical advantage to use as a watchtower.

Interesting thing is, here, we can see some rocks look like ruins of Inca Empire: Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo. Luckily, I did this tour at the very last day in Cusco, so I could recall and recognize the rocks looks like those ruins. If you plan to visit here, check those out. It doesn’t show well in the picture honestly. However, if you see them, you will recognize them.

Local Souvenir Store

Llama at the souvenir store

On the way to Q’enqo, we visited a souvenir shop. The guide asked us whether we were interested in local artisanal products. Then, he took us to an atelier. There were some items that I wanted to buy such as baby alpaca muffler, but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to travel heavy. If it were the last place before coming back home, I would have bought it.

A lady at the atelier

A lady at the atelier made a pose for me to photograph of her. Probably, some objects in the store were made by her.


The Entrance of Q’enqo

Q’enqo was a ritual place of the Inca Empire. This area is full of huge stones. Big stones were valuable because they were rare. Considering the fact that it was a ritual place where Inca people did their ritual ceremonies, I could see why there were so many big stones in this place.

The Altar in Q’enqo

Inside the ruins, I could see an Altar. Inside was quite dark except the altar as you can see in the picture. The light shines on the table where the ceremony was held. The alley inside the ruins is quite narrow and it’s also one-way. It is said that we could spend there only one or two minute to maintain a good flow of people. At first, I thought that was very short, but it was more than enough to check this place out. After seeing that place, it was still too early to go to the airport. Also, the driver told us we should pay tip to him.

A Magnificent View of Cusco

A magnificent view of Cusco

Well.. it was my mistake that I didn’t check the receipt last night. When I talked to the agent, she told me everything was included. But on the receipt, it only said the transport and the entrance. He asked for 30PEN (8-9 USD). With that money I could hire a professional tour guide who can explain me more details rather than word of mouth. I recommend that you should check your receipt if you directly deal with any local travel agency. I think it’s one of typical traps for travellers.

Anyway, it was too late to fix it (I already received all the services) but too early at the same time because the agency didn’t open at that time. So I negotiated with him to take us to another place before heading to the airport. Thus, we went to a hill near Cusco where I could see the best view of the town.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual trip to Inca Ruins near Cusco with me. Next post will be about <Huaraz>. Take care everyone and see you soon 🙂

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