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Huaraz – 69 lake

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Continuing the previous journey to Inca Ruins near Cusco, today I’d like to introduce you a fantastic place in Huaraz, 69 lake.

I took a flight from Cusco to Lima at 12:50 p.m. When I arrived at the hotel in Lima, it was already around 4 p.m. After taking some break, I headed out to eat something. I already booked a night bus to Huaraz to go hiking to see 69 lake. Also, I pre-booked another night bus coming back to Lima after the hiking. In this way, I could save money and time. However, it was a quite intense schedule and it was possible because I didn’t plan for a long trip. If you’re travelling longer than I did (9 days), I recommend that spend more time to embrace the beauty of the mother nature in this small town.

69 Lake –

Bus trip from Huaraz to Huaraz

There are many bus agencies in Peru: Peru Hop, Cruz Del Sur, Tepsa, La Linea, and Movil. The company I booked was Cruz Del Sur. Tickets are available as of 1st August (The state of emergency has extended till end of July). Personally, the situation in Latin America gets worse, thus I think the measure could be extended.The price varies depending on the class and the time. I searched some random dates, and it’s from 30 – 90 sol (one-way).

69 Lake –

I booked VIP seats. The differences between a normal seat and VIP seat are : the angle for the inclined chair (VIP – 160 degrees, normal seat – 140 degrees); snack ; floor (My seat was on the first floor), etc. Wifi is offered inside the bus. Though, I slept most of the journey in the bus so I didn’t have time to use my phone. The bus takes about 9 and half hours it can take longer or shorter depending on the road condition. I took a bus at 21h30 and arrived at Huaraz around 7 a.m.

69 Lake –

Huaraz to 69 Lake

Since most tour programs to 69 lake hiking depart around 5-6 a.m., many visitors arrive this town and stay one night before their hiking. Huaraz is another town located in very high altitude (3,052m) in the Andean mountains. Thus, it is important to take it easy and go slowly.

69 Lake –

I didn’t have enough time to stay one night there, so I went to the mountain by taxi and colectivo. The taxi fare is negotiable. At first, the driver asked me for 250 PEN, in the end I paid 80 PEN. What a deal. Still, I think the driver made enough money. From Huaraz to Yungay, it took me about 2 hours. From Yungay to 69 Lake, I took a colectivo. The price was pretty cheap. It was less than 5 PEN per person back then. Considering the inflation, it might went up, but not too much I guess. We stopped in the middle to get some snack on the way to the mountain

Trekking 69 Lake

69 Lake –

Trekking 69 lake was an incredible journey. The trekking starts at 3,900 m and I went upto 4,600m where the lake is located. The course seems quite short, but it’s about four-hour course. According to the guide, the course takes two and half hour to go up and one and half hour to go down.

69 Lake –

I saw some people suffered from high altitude. Don’t rush yourself to go up and take enough break before climbing up the mountain. The view in front of me was breathtaking. It was hard to describe. Machu Picchu surprised me with its grand and massive feature, the lake was incredibly beautiful. Some people who arrived earlier had time to swim in the lake. Unfortunately, I barely made it to the top on time, so I had to come back after 30 mins which was not enough to appreciate this scenery.

While the trekking and the landscape were awesome experiences in a good way, it could be my nightmare at the same time. When we came down from the mountain, it was too late. Thus, there’s no colectivo available. I had to ask tour guides if there’s any empty seats to fill me in. After couple of buses left, I finally got a bus which had empty seats.

Back to the town, I had a quick dinner because I had to take a night bus to Lima. Again, I fell asleep right way and arrived at Lima in the following morning.

Trekking Tips

  • Slow Down : Huaraz is another high altitude city. The trekking begins at 3,900m to 4,600m. It is very important not to rush and slow down your pace. If you’ve experienced the high altitude sickness, it would be good to take a pill beforehand.
  • Eat light : There’s no toilet in the mountain. You should eat well and moderately to be in good condition. Drinking coca tea or eating candies are good.
  • Respect the nature : The place is well-preserved but also at the same time visited by many people from all around the world. Bring all the trash you made (like plastic bag for lunch, etc).

I hope you enjoyed the virtual trip to Huaraz, 69 lake with me. Next post will be about the heart of Peru, <Lima>. Take care everyone and see you soon 🙂

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