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Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Continuing to the previous post <Huaraz-69 Lake>, today I’d like to introduce you the capital of Peru, Lima.

The night bus was again very comfortable and I almost passed out the whole journey back to Lima. I arrived at Lima about 9 a.m. which was still early to go sightseeing, thus I decided to go back to hotel and take some rest. Also, I didn’t want to appear like a mountain climber in my pictures. Since my friend got a different accommodation, we planned to meet around noon to have lunch and to look around the city.


Street View in Lima

The city was beautiful. Peru was also one of the colonized countries by Spain, I could see many European buildings especially in the center of the city. Wandering around the old downtown, I felt how strong Spain was in the past. Well, it’s still one of the most important countries in the world, especially in Tourism. But seeing these architectures, I could imagine its heyday.

Plaza de Armas de Lima

Plaza de Armas de Lima

We took a cab to Plaza de Armas de Lima where is the heart of the city. There we saw the presidential palace, a fountain and many police officers. Everything seemed quite organized. The square was full of the locals and tourists. In Cusco, the main square was also called Plaza de Armas. Plaza de Armas is like a common name for the historic American main squares. Now, I’m curious how many plaza de armas in Peru, or in the world.

Plaza San Martin

Not far away from Plaza de Armas, you can find Plaza San Martin . There, I saw the statue of Simon Bolivar, the liberator. Since he liberated many countries in Latin America, I saw his statues in many different cities including Paris, France.

Church of La Recoleta

Church of La Recoleta

Just around Plaza San Martin, I saw a beautiful blue church. It’s one of the most well-known church in Lima thanks to its unique appearance. The blue architecture was gorgeous and it made an amazing view with its surroundings. You could get a great pic sitting on the bench in front of the church. The strong contrast of blue and white color and its harmony with some greenery trees are like the a castle or house in a fairy tale.

I haven’t planned many things about Lima, thus that was the only thing I did. Just wandered around the city, trying to feel the vibe and try out some food. I wish I had more time to look around Lima and its nearby places. I’d like to share some spots near Lima that I’d love to visit when I travel back to Peru.

A park at night

Some places where you can visit from Lima

  1. Huacachina : It’s a town located in an Oasis near Lima. It takes about 4 hours from Lima by car.
  2. Panchacamac : It’s an archeological site close to Lima. It used to be a prosperous town before the
    1. invasion of Spain. It takes about 1 hour from Lima by car.
  3. Pucusana : This is a fishermen’s town. Also located about one hour from Lima, and everything is quite
    1. slow. Thus, if you’re looking for a place where you can chill out, it’s your place!

I hope you enjoyed the virtual trip to Lima lake with me. Next post will be about food that I tried in Peru. Take care everyone and see you soon 🙂

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