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Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Hope all is well with you. Continuing to the previous post <Lima>, today I’d like to introduce you some food that I really enjoyed during my trip to Peru. In case you’re interested in the whole journey in Peru, you can click here.

Before this travel, I was told so many times that Peru has really great food. After the trip, I totally agree with those comments that I’ve heard from my friends. Among many food, I’d like to recommend that two foods and two drinks.


If you have only one meal in Peru, Ceviche is the plate that you must try definitely. It’s a row fresh fish with lemon or lime juice and other condiments. The one I tried was served with onions, Inca corn (The size of each corn kernel is similar to thumb’s nail.), sweet potatoes, and seaweed on the top of the dish.


Ceviche is an appetizer rather than a main dish. Since this is origin to Peru, I wanted to taste it here. So I searched a bit and found a restaurant. The restaurant where I visited was specialized in seafood. All dishes I ordered were made with seafood. I ordered a ceviche as an entrée and two seafood pastas.

I ordered one based on tomato sauce and the other one for cream sauce. Both of them were full of fresh seafood. It had been a while that I tried plenty of octopus, thus I loved them. Including two drinks, I paid about 60 USD. Considering the local price, it was not cheap meal but at the same time it was a fine decent restaurant. I am pretty sure that you can find a better deal if you spend more time searching on in.

Ceviche & Seafood Rice

In fact. I also tried ceviche in another restaurant in downtown, and it was also very delicious and cheaper. The dish was big enough for three people. Actually we couldn’t finish it because the dish was very big and filling with rice.


When I was young, I used to read a book named <Chicken Soup for the Soul>. It was a series of inspiring books based on real stories. When I tried this soup, it reminded me that book.

Chicken Soup

I mentioned about this soup in my previous posting about <Cusco>. Right after trying a spoon of it, it warmed my cold body. I’m pretty sure it will suit your taste, too. The soup will give you energy to boost up in high altitude with low price.

Inca Kola

Probably, Inca Kola is the most be-loved drink among Peruvians. It is said that even Coca Cola couldn’t beat up the market share in Peru against this yellow drink. In the end, the company decided to buy the stock of Inca Kola.

Inca Kola with a cute hat

I saw this in every single restaurant and small shops in towns. It has a unique taste I would say. It’s less sparkling like other sodas, but more sweet. And it’s yellowish color is a bit look like medical syrup to me. It’s worth to try to discover why this drink attracts Peruvians.


Cusqueña is an absolute thing to try if you’re legal age to drink. The history of Cusqueña is quite long. It was founded by two Germans in Lima, Peru. Now they have their brewery in Cusco. One interesting is that they use fresh water from the Andes to brew the beer.

I’m not a beer lover, but it was delicious. In my opinion, the shape of the bottle adds the extra flavor, plus the atmosphere being the heart of the Inca Empire.

Surely, there were more things that I tried in Peru but those were my favorite. Hope you can try them one day.

I hope you enjoyed my articles about Peru. This is the end for now, but I’m sure that someday I can add more stories about this amazing country when this crazy situation is over. Next posting will be about my new story about the Caribbean. It will be perfect virtual vacay series. Take care and see you soon. 🙂

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