St. Thomas

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. After saying goodbye to San Juan – Puerto Rico, my cruise headed to St. Thomas, where I saw one of the best beaches in my life. In this post, I’d like to share beautiful scenery of St. Thomas as well as the procedure of embarkment and disembarkment of the cruise.

Hello! St. Thomas

If San Juan was the first Caribbean Island I’ve ever been to, I would say St. Thomas made me speechless with its magnificent view. I was having breakfast when I heard the announcement that we were approaching the St. Thomas. I quickly finished my meal and ran up to the deck. The strong contrast of the dark blue ocean and the while yachts caught my eyes. Seeing the beautiful weather, I knew that it would be a perfect day.

St. Thomas – Beach Activities

Transparent Water

St. Thomas is an island belong to the U.S. Virgin Islands, which is famous for its crystal clear beach. Thanks to its transparent water, many people do some water sports including snorkeling. When I got off the cruise, I encountered lots of private tour guides (or taxi drivers) who were offering me a deal. They asked me what kind of activities I wanted to do, and depending on my answer they suggested some places. Since I was told this is one of the best place to do snorkel, I ended up at a beach. The driver left after telling me the time and the place to meet later.

St. Thomas beach

On the beach, there were so many people enjoying their sunbathing. I also rented a beach chair, a snorkeling kit, and a safety vest. Each item cost 5 USD. I brought my towel from the cruise, so I didn’t have to rent the towel. The cruise usually offers you a towel (one or two), and you can use it on the beach and then return it when you embark the cruise. As you can see in the picture, unlike many people on the beach, not many people were playing in the water. Thus, I could swim and snorkel comfortably.

A peaceful moment at St. Thomas

Besides the snorkeling, other water sports are also available. I saw people enjoying canoeing and paddling boats.

Things to do in St. Thomas

Other than activities at the beach, there are other things to do in St. Thomas : Blackbeard Castle, Skyride ( a cable car), Zipline, and Pirates Treasure Museum, etc. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to look around the area. Since I had to go back to cruise on time, I had only 4-6 hours and that only allowed me to visit one place (or maximum two). In this context, I think traveling by cruise is to find an island which suits you the most so that you can travel back next time only to the island for your holidays.

Bye St. Thomas. Hope to see you again!

The Procedure of Embarkment and Disembarkment

Usually to disembark takes longer than embark because people want to disembark as soon as the cruise get to the land. It can take upto five minutes to one hour I would say. In order to reduce the time, the procedure to disembark is pretty simple. You just scan your cruise ID (a plastic card) and leave the ship.

On the other hand, the embarkment can take longer. The crew check your cruise ID and and ID with a photo such as a passport. Also, you need to return towels if you rent any.

Your room will be tidied up while you’re gone. I didn’t expect that to be honest, but it was awesome to have well-organized room after a day out.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual trip to St. Thomas with me. Thank you for visiting my blog. Next post will be about <Tortola and Virgin Gorda>. Take care and see you soon! 🙂

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