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The Baths

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Good to see you back! Today, I’d like to introduce another popular destination in the Caribbean, The Baths in Virgin Gorda. Also, I’d like to talk about meals in the cruise.

Tortola to Virgin Gorda

Breathtaking View of the Baths

Virgin Gorda is a peaceful and relaxing place. Our cruise disembarked in Tortola, but I decided to go to the Baths in Virgin Gorda. There were many ways to get to the Baths including excursions organized in the cruise, but to save money, I went there by a local ferry which cost us about $10-15 per person at that time. It seems like the price a bit went up since it’s been 3 years ago.

Ferry Ticket

The dock is about 30 mins away by foot and if you’re not sure where to go, I would say follow the others or ask to the staffs. They’ll let you know where to go. It takes about 30 minutes from Tortola to Virgin Gorda.

Virgin Gorda to the Baths

Taxi Stop

When we arrived at Virgin Gorda, we again took a cab to get to the entrance to the Baths. After arranging the meeting time and spot, the driver left and we walked to the beach.

Virgin Gorda

Like the sign, we can choose a route among to Devil’s Bay and to the Baths. In the end, either of them will lead you to the beach, so basically you can choose whichever more attracts you. Though, the Devil’s Bay is a bit harder because you should pass a cave(?) and between rocks.

Entrance to cave and Devil’s Bay

I chose the path <To Devil’s Bay> because I wanted to see magical geographical features. Sometimes the alley is quite narrow, so I had to squeeze myself to fit in. Also you should climb up massive rocks couple of times, thus I recommend that you wear comfortable shoes instead of flip flops.

As you can see, some paths are pretty narrow.
The Baths

Finally, I exited the series of rocks and saw the beautiful scenery. The water was multiple colors from transparent to dark blue as you can see in the picture.

Beautiful beach at the Baths

I was told this area is also famous for snorkeling. I didn’t bring a swimsuit this time, so I just walk around the beach and seized the moment.

A local store

Walking around the beach, I spotted a store which probably has the best view in the world. With a cold drink, hearing the waves and people chattering, it was just a lovely afternoon.

Meals in Cruise

I would say one of the most benefits traveling by cruise is meals. Usually, meals are included in the cost. Of course there are some restaurants that you should pay, but most food you consume in the cruise are included in the price. There were a French and an Italian restaurant, a bar where you should pay, and the cost per dish was around 15-30 USD. I didn’t try any to save some bucks.

Like hotels, in the morning, breakfast buffets are offered. There are several buffets in the cruise, thus you can choose whichever you like. While in the afternoon, you have more options. As well as a buffet, there were an Asian restaurant, an American style pub where you can grab buggers, a cafe, etc. For dinner, I mostly used buffet again because they run with special theme every day such as <Seafood>, <Italian Day>, or <Asian Day>, etc.

Some drinks are included but sodas, handmade cafe, and alcohols like beer or cocktails are subject to be sold. Thus, if you love drink those beverages, it might be more economical decision to buy some cruise credit. I drank some sodas but they were quite expensive as far as I remember.

When you go to restaurant, the staff will ask you the number of your group and escort you to the table. Then, s.he will serve you a bottle of water with a menu & pen where you check the food you want. The the server will come to pick your order and serve you the dish.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual trip to the Baths as well as the meals in cruise. Thanks for visiting my blog. The next post will be about <St. Maarten>. Take care and see you soon!

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