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Sint Maarten? Saint Martin?

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Today, I’d like to introduce a Caribbean Island which is divided into two parts : Sint Maarten (Dutch Side) & Saint Martin (French Side).

Multiple flags in St. Maarten

Sint Maarten or Saint Martin

St. Maarten

The Dutch part is located in the southern area of the island and it takes about 40% of the land. People speak English and its currency is USD. While the French side is in the northern area of the island, people speak French and use Euro. It’s one island, thus you can communicate easily with English (I found English was easier to communicate with the locals) in French side, too. Philipsburg is the capital city of St. Maarten and most cruises disembark here.

Sint Maarten (Dutch Side)
Shopping Street in St. Maarten

Once I got off from the cruise, there were lots of duty free stores which caught my eyes. The whole street was full of stores. Seeing many visitors enjoying shopping, I could feel the importance of tourism in this island. It is said that about 80% of St.Maarten’s GDP comes from Tourism and most people work in this industry as a shopkeeper, tour guide, etc. I also couldn’t resist buying some items including Caribbean rum. The main attraction in the island is definitely its gorgeous beaches.

In Sint Maarten, people usually go Maho Beach which is in the west side of the island or Fort Amsterdam to enjoy the view. Actually, the weather wasn’t that good when I visited there. Sometimes I could see the clear sky but it was mostly cloudy. Nonetheless, I saw many people laying on the beach, sunbathing or swimming. I considered to go to Maho Beach, but since I was curious about French side, I headed to Saint Martin.

Saint. Martin (French Side)
Fort. St. Louis

I took a local transportation called <collectivo>, and it was about 1-2 USD per person. To be honest, I didn’t have the destination thus I asked the driver to take me to the center of the town. It takes usually 10-15 minutes depending on your departure and destination. What surprised me when I took off from the collective, I could hear French on the street.

View from Fort. St. Louis

I was told to visit Fort St. Louis, thus I walked up the hill. Well…. if I knew that I walked up the hill, I wouldn’t have worn flip flops. As a result, my feet got tired, but the road to the top wasn’t that tough. Rather it was easy. At the top of the fort, I could see a French flag . It reminds me of the Age of Discovery in the past.

Street in St. Martin

I hope you enjoyed the virtual trip to St. Maarten with me. Thanks for visiting my blog. The next post will be about <St. Johns >. Take care and see you soon!

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