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St. John

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Today, I’d like to introduce St. John and how the cruise brochures look like.


St. John is a part of the U.S. Virgin Island and it’s the smallest one amongst them. It has a large forest in the middle of the island, and actually more than half of the island belongs to the Virgin Islands National Park. As a result, you can find various flora and fauna in this small island. Sugar cane used to be the main industry in this island in the past, but now like other caribbean islands, tourism takes a major part of its economy. Having said that, I can tell it would be a challenging moment to the residents in the island these days. I wish everything goes back to normal soon.

The ship arrived at the port in Antigua around 7 a.m. However, me and my family woke up late, thus we were ready to go out later 10 a.m. Since the boarding time was pretty early afternoon (2:30 p.m.), we decided to go to a beach and chill out a bit. And it was one of the best beaches I’ve ever been to in my life including the ones in this cruise trip. Soft sand and mild waves were perfect either to sunbath or play.

Cruise Brochure

Obviously, the brochure is very useful when you travel on cruise. It contains lots of information what is going on the ship as well as the island where we visit. I attached one from my trip, so you can get some general idea how it looks like and what kind of information you can get it from. The style of the brochure can be vary depending on your cruise company. FYI, I traveled by Norwegian Cruise Line and the ship was <Breakaway>.

Front Page
Cruise Brochure : NCL

As you can see, at the top of the page there are some basic information like weather and times (sunrise, arrival, all aboard, sunset). Arrival and all aboard time are important because it may affect your daily plan. For example, even though we arrived at St. John pretty early ( 7 a.m.), we couldn’t do much because we got up so late and we had to back to the cruise pretty early.

On the brochure, you can find some excursions that you can enjoy in the island. As I said in previous posting, you can book one through the cruise (see the picture you can also find the information where you can book it), or just look for one when you get off from the cruise which I did to save some bucks. For the ones who stay in the cruise, leave late, or come back early, some programs are organized to entertain every single moment in the ship. On the first page, you can find the highlights. Some of the activities require an pre-booking such as performances, but most of them are just for everyone on the site.

Next Page

On the next page, you can find more detailed schedule. As you can see above, the whole page is divided into three sections : Morning, Afternoon, and Night. Every night before going to the bed, I looked at the schedule and check the activities. See how highlights are useful? (First time to cruise? See my previous posting about cruise trip & practical tips> I highlighted all the activities that looked interesting. In this way, I can plan my day roughly so that I don’t miss out important events that I wanted to participate. Most programs began on time, or with maximum 5 -10 minutes delay.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual trip with me. Thanks for visiting my blog. The next post will be about <Barbados>. Take care and see you soon! 🙂

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