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St. Kitts

Hi, it’s me Marimonda. Today I’d like to take you to beautiful beach in St. Kitts and the last night procedure in Cruise.

St. Kitts is a Caribbean island near St. John, which I also visited during this trip. It includes two islands : Saint Kitts and Nevis. However, we visit this island as the last destination on the way to come back to NYC. Since it was the last island I would visit, I did my best to look around the town. As you can see in my previous posts, I usually went one place per island either looking around the downtown or going to a beach. This time, I tried to both of them.

I traveled by <Breakaway> by Norwegian Cruise Line for about 13 days departing from NYC in the U.S. If you’d like to know the facilities of the cruise, click here to see the post about it.


Basseterre is the capital city of St. Kitts and most cruise disembark here. It has beautiful beaches as well as some historical monument A dark olive colored clock tower is located in the heart of the Circus. The Circus is a plaza designed like Piccadilly Circus in London. This clock was built to honor Thomas B.H. Berkeley, a former president of the General Legislative Council in the 1880s (from wikipedia).

Berkeley Memorial
Berkeley Memorial –

The tower has two parts : four clocks – upper part and drinkable water fountain – bottom part). The four clocks are heading to all different direction, so you can check your time from any direction. Though as you can see in the picture, the time on each clock didn’t match well. The error was allowable, but still wasn’t accurate. I didn’t see anyone drinking water there, and to be honest I don’t recommend that you drink water from the fountain as a tourist. Tap waters can contain different things (minerals, chemicals, etc.) from area to area, so it can cause a stomachache which I believe a light but really bad sickness that you can have when you’re traveling.

Independence Square
Independence Square –

Not far from the Berkeley Memorial, I saw Independence Square. It was like a small part where people take some break from their work or the hot weather. In the center of the square, I found a fountain. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Co-Cathedral
Immaculate Conception Catholic Co-Cathedral –

Immaculate Conception Catholic Co-Cathedral is located next to the Independence Square. The facade of the church was impressive because I could see all unique stones and textures used to build the building. After looking around the downtown, I headed to the beach to enjoy my last sunbathing.

Beaches in St.Kitts
Beautiful beach in St. Kitts –

Like other beaches in Caribbean, the ones in St.Kitts also are outstanding. Whichever you choose, it won’t let you down. With crystal clear water and mild wave made the perfect atmosphere for your water activities. The reflection of the Sunshine on the water was astonishing.

St. Kitts –

Other things to do in St. Kitts

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is another highlight of this Island. This old British fort was built by African slaves and is very well-preserved. This is located in the northern area of the Island and it is named on the Unesco World Heritage List.

St. Kitts Scenic Railway

St. Kitts Scenic Railway also can be a good option to look around the island. The double-deck train goes alongside the coastline of the island.

The Last Night in Cruise

Well, my last day in Caribbean Islands was over. After visiting St. Kitts. I was on board for two days until we get back to NY. The first day was kinda relaxing and easy going. I woke up pretty late and participated onboard activities.

It may vary depending on the cruise, but usually the last day is a grand party day. All guests are welcomed to the main hall to a ball party. The most important thing was packing. Packing up everything that I used for the past two weeks took me some time. Not only packing back the things I brought, but also I had to pack some souvenirs that I bought from each island. Depending on your class (like a plane, there are different classes in a cruise,too), the time you’re assigned to finish your packing is different. Before the time that you’re told, you should pack and take out your carriers in front of your door.

Once the cruise arrived at the port, I did an immigration. The immigration is much simpler than the one at the airport because we entered this port using the same cruise that we left. My luggages were waiting outside the immigration for me.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Take care and stay safe. See you soon! 🙂

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