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Hi, it’s me Marimonda. I hope all is well with you. Previously, I shared my experience from CDMX to Cancún as well as a brief hotel review. If you’d like to check, click here. Today, I’d like to tell you about Xochimilco where I took a Mexican Gondola and enjoyed Mexican culture.

About Xochimilco

Xochimilco is one of the municipalities of Mexico City. It used to be an independent city but now it’s a part of CDMX and it’s located in the southern area of the city. Thanks to the lake Xochimilco, this area could have been developed its own identity separated from that of Mexico City.

Riding a Trajinera, a Mexican style gondola, alongside the canal might be one of the most popular tourist attractions here. On the boat, you can eat Mexican traditional food, listen to live music, and dance. In 1987, Xochimilco put its name on the Unesco World Heritage List with the historic center of Mexico City.

Xochimilco in Cancún

It’s been more than five years that they opened a theme park in Cancún to attract more guest from all around the world. Even though the place was full of clichés, I would say it was worth to visit. In a nutshell, you can experience all the highlights of the culture of Mexico from food to music within three hours in Xochimilco.

Entrance of Xoximilco Cancún –

I booked the ticket at the travel agency next to the hotel reception including hotel pick up. The driver came about 6:30 p.m. and we arrived at the theme park around 6:50 p.m. We were perfectly bon time, so we could immediately aboard the gondola as soon as the ticket and ID check.

Each trajinera has name and decorated similarly but differently. It’s important to remember because in the middle of the ride, it stops a bit in the middle to take a break. Everyone is asked to take off from the boat while reloading some food and refill the gas if necessary. The capacity of each gondola is 20 people max and there are many gondolas taking break at the same spot. Thus, it was very easy to get confused your boat in the crowd.


Live Musicians –

In the beginning, the atmosphere was a bit awkward, but as time goes by with food and drinks the atmosphere became very smooth and relaxed. After few drinks, people started sharing the experiences and recommending places in Cancún to each other. Personally, I love those magical moments. You always get to know people apart from your ordinary life now matter where you’re from or how old you are.

The boat travels about three hours including the break, and after the break definitely everyone felt a bit closer so we tossed all together and danced. In the middle, the roof of the boat was opened and we could see the beautiful stars in the sky. They were very close, so I felt I could touch them. It was a very unforgettable moment. Everyone on the boat admired the scenery.

Food on Trajinera

On the boat, a complete course meal (Appetizer – Main dish – Dessert) is served as well as the drinks. All drinks are unlimited including alcoholic beverages like tequila. As you can see in the pictures, the portion of the food is huge.

For entrée, some cheese, cactus, and shrimps were provided. I hadn’t eaten cactus so I was a bit hesitated before trying it. But it tasted like seaweed with sweet and sour sauce. Seven different foods were served as a main dish. From tamal to fried rice, I was told those were common food that Mexicans eat everyday. For dessert, nine sweets were served. Obleas and flans are Mexicans’ be-loved dessert I would say. I could see them in every single dessert store.

Honestly, I didn’t like all of them. There were some food I definitely wouldn’t order if I were in a restaurant. because they were just too exotic. Nonetheless, it was a good experience because I could try new food and found out whether I like it or not.

Practical Info
Live Musicians –

The ticket costs about 90 USD per adult, but you can get discount if you purchase the tickets in advance. The tour takes about three hours and you can get some souvenir pictures with extra charge at the entrance.


I hope you liked my post. I think it’s worth to visit if you’d like to experience other places rather than beaches in Cancún. Thank you for visiting my blog. The next post will be about <Tulúm>. Take care and see you soon. 🙂

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