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Hotel Ibis Styles Paris CDG

Hi, it’s me Marimonda.

Today I’d like to share my experience at Hotel Ibis Styles Paris CDG (3-star).

Hotel Ibis Styles Paris CDG is located in front of the Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal I, Paris. Thanks to its amazing location, it’s a perfect place to stay before and after your trip with reasonable price. You can find hotels in Terminal 2 (which is a hub airport of Air France and other major airlines), but they’re usually more expensive and considering the fact that there are not many things to do at the airport (you need to come to the downtown anyway if you’d like to do something), it wasn’t a good option for me.

Since I live near the RER B line(airport line), I usually don’t get a room before or after my trip. This time, however, was an exception because I had luggages and my flight was early in the morning. Moreover, recently there were many changes in schedules in RER due to strikes and other reasons. I didn’t want to risk but neither spend a lot of money in an accomodation. Thus, I decided to stay at the hotel near airport so that I could relax before my trip.


I booked the standard room (17). The concept of the hotel is a spaceship as far as I remember (or just space?). I had the moon inside the room as you can see in the picture above. Complimentary water and a mini snack are provided. It has a cheval mirror in front of the door and on the opposite there’s a bathroom. Next to the bathroom, there’s a hanger so you can put your clothes and store luggages. The facilities are very simple, and the room is spacious enough. The amenities are provided in a tube (multi-purpose ones).As you probably know, Hotel Ibis Styles has a distance from fancy, but very practical. If you’re looking for more privileged hotels(4-star) near airport, there are other options such as Pullman, Sheraton, or Marriott.


Breakfast is included in the room rate (€98) and the meal was okay. Personally, cold food (cheese & ham) seemed to have quite good options, bread and fresh fruits are offered. I found Ibis styles offers relatively good breakfast compared to other hotels for the similar price.

Hotel Ibis Styles is a member of Accor Hotels, thus if you reserve a room via its official website you can accumulate the points. Accor is a French multinational hospitality company and it offers wide options of accomodation in Europe. Now, their Accor Super Sale(30% off + free breakfast) is going on if you reserve by 18th Oct. 2019 and stay from 15th Dec.2019 to 1st Mar. 2020. Don’t miss out opportunity to enjoy your vacation with better deal.

Enjoy your trip with Marimonda. See you soon!

Practical Info.

Address : 1 Rue de la Haye, 93290 Tremblay-en-France


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KL pâtisserie

Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to introduce you KL pâtisserie, one of the best pastry stores in Paris. France is known for its dessert, so many people come to Paris to study pastry. One of my friends also studied pastry in Paris and worked here for about year. Before she go back to her homeland, she wanted to visit all famous pastry shops in Paris, and I was lucky to accompany with her.


The atmosphere of the salon was quiet. Since I am used to a coffee shop like Starbucks where everyone chats and full of energy and noise, this place seemed quite calm and tranquil. I saw other people having a coffee break , and everything was so organized. It looks like a high-end patisserie, but also a very comfy place to chill out.

It’s grey-based store with golden color highlights. The store looks bigger than it is thanks to its open kitchen. You might able to see the chef and his team baking there. When you get into the store the server will come and introduce you a table. It was my first time (and the last time so far) to visit here, thus I didn’t know what was famous and which dessert I should try. So I went to the vitrine to look at some desserts and I decided what to order.

Menu and Service

The server was very kind. If you’re not sure what to have, s.he will suggest something based on your taste. This place is known for its fig tart(Fichi viola) , so we ordered one. We also ordered a mirabelle tart (tarte mirabelle) because it’s the seasonal fruit. For coffees, we ordered allongé, a french style americano with less water.

The coffee was nothing special. You could find the better one in other coffee shops, but this is not a place specialized in coffee. Thus, it was okay. The tower of sugar caught my eyes. It was fun and unique way to offer sugar for your coffee. It was fun but less practical because if you want bigger or smaller sugar (or even white or brown one) than the one on the top, it was hassle to get it.

The tarts were successful. You can feel the generosity of the chef by looking at the amount of the fruit. Thanks to the massive amount of the fruit, the tarts were not that sweet and I loved them. Personally, I preferred the mirabelle tart because it had a bit more crunchy texture than fig tart.

Both tarts were not super pricey ( € 6) considering the quality of the food. I think it’s because the pastry store is located in the 17th arrondissement, which is little bit away from the touristic area (about 20 mins by foot from the Arc de Triomphe). With one allongé, I paid less than €10 which is reasonable price in a decent cafe here.

Overall, it’s worth visiting here if you’d like to experience a great dessert. Especially, the chef Kevin Lacote seems like one of the best pastry chefs in Paris. After seeing his experiences, now I know why my friend wanted to come here. The chef has an impressive career that all patissier would dream of. My point is, if you’re studying or interested in pastry world, it’s a must-visit place in Paris.

Happy travel with Marimonda. Please follow me and see you soon 🙂

Practical Info.

Address : 78 avenue de Villiers 75017 Paris

Hours :  9 a.m. – 7 : 30 p.m. (Tue.-Fri.) / 9:30 a.m. – 7 : 30 p.m. (Sat.) / 9 : 30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (Sun.)


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Cesky Krumlov 2

Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Continued to the previous post on Cesky Krumlov, today I’d like to introduce some places I dined out.

First meal I had in Cesky was at Papa’s Living Restaurant, which is specialized in Italian food. I chose this place just because I was hungry and it was just in front of my airbnb. The restaurant has a stunning view, and it was amazing seeing the sunset.

We ordered one tomato soup (59CZK),Shrimps (349CZK), Risotto (239CZK), Lasagna (249CZK), Tagliatelle with salmon (239CZK), and Tiramisu(109CZK). Including drinks it was about 60 USD. Considering the fact that it was a good meal and the restaurant was placed in the center of the town it wasn’t super expensive, and it seemed like it was one of the decent restaurants in town.

The service was fast and servers were nice. The servers were energetic and responded very fast and smiley. All the dishes we ordered were ok, but if you’re eating outside it gets colder than you think. However, it’s worth to eat on the terrace because the view from the restaurant is awesome.

On the following morning, I went to Zapa cafe. I also went there because it was just in front of my airbnb.

To be honest, I was surprised to see the price. I expected to be cheaper, but coffee shops in Cesky are not cheap at all. A cup of coffee in zapa cafe cost about $2~3. It’s not unbelievably expensive, but it’s absolutely a price for tourists. Most of the people coming into the store were tourists. I was hungry so I had it well, but I can tell it’s a bit overpriced place. Plus, the service was quite slow and the servers were not that friendly. I don’t recommend here, but sadly there’s not many alternatives in Cesky.

I also had a lunch at Svejk restaurant, a traditional czech style food restaurant.

As you can see in the picture, most dishes are accompanied with potatoes to fill you up. The portion is pretty big. Unfortunately, I don’t remember all the names of the food, and now I can’t recall them except the rib, which I ordered. hehe. The price on average was 280 CZK per dish. If you’re looking for a traditional czech food, you should visit here. They have various beef dishes you could imagine. All dishes were rich in flavor, if you like French boeuf bourguigon you would love their beef dishes.

Of course don’t forget to try some street snack. You can see the chimney roll very easily. Inside the roll, you can choose toppings to fill it up. I chose nutella, but you can add nuts, ice cream or whipped cream to make your own roll. The surface of the roll is covered with sugar, thus it’s a bit sweet but perfect to charge yourself in the afternoon. The price varies depending on your topping.

Last but not least, I DO recommend this barbecue restaurant! It was the best meal I’ve ever had in Cesky, and one of the best barbecues in my life. If you’ve read my previous articles, I am not picky with food but also a very hard person to be pleased with food. But it just WOWed me.

Bluegrass club seems like a local restaurant a bit away from the heart of the city. This family restaurant specialized in grill-cooked meat. We had burgers and ribs and both were successful. The restaurant is a bit far away from the center, it took about 15 mins by foot from the center. The price was also very cheaper compared to the previous two restaurant (as far as I remember it was about $10 per dish). The only thing that I didn’t like was only cash is accepted in this restaurant. Since it was the last meal I had in Cesky, I was in short of cash and thinking of paying it with card. We had to order only three dishes because we didn’t have enough cash. What a shame. Fries and bread were not that special, but I still miss the meat! The owner is very nice and friendly, but since he did everything from taking the order to paycheck, the service was a bit slow.

Enjoy your trip with Marimonda! See you soon. 🙂

Practical Info.

Papa’s Living Restaurant

Address : Latran 13, Cesky Krumlov 381 01, Czech Republic

Hours : 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. 5:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. (Mon.-Sat.) Closed on Sunday


Cafe Zapa

Address : Latrán 16, Latrán, 381 01 Český Krumlov

Hours : 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Švejk Restaurant

Address : Latran 13, Cesky Krumlov

Hours : 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. (Sun.-Thu.) – 11p.m. (Fri.-Sat.)


Bluegrass Club

Address : Skalní 171, Cesky Krumlov

Hours : 3 p.m. – 12 a.m.

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Cesky Krumlov

Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to share my visit to Cesky Krumlov. This southern town of the Czech Republic is becoming popular among travellers with its picturesque scenery. I’ve heard of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, which is a very pretty town but also really crowded due to the tourists from all around the world. I wish I could go there someday. This time I could only visit Cesky Krumlov since it’s relatively closer to Vienna. In a nutshell, I would have regretted, if I hadn’t visited this lovely village.

There are many organized trips or transportations from vienna to Cesky. I took a flixbus (go to flixbus website) from Erdberg station (Vienna). It cost about € 10 and it took me a bit less than four hours. If you’re planning to take a bus from flixbus, make sure to manage your time well because there is only one bus from Vienna to Cesky at 4:05 p.m. The bus stops one time in the middle, you can eat something at rest stop. One thing you should remember is that the restaurant at the rest stop only accept cash. You can pay with euro, but with very poor exchange rate.

The bus stop is about 5 mins away from the town. I booked an airbnb in the center of the town, and it was good and bad. It was good because I could access to anywhere in the town very easily except the bus stop. It took about 10-15 mins from bus stop to my accomodation. The pebbles on the street gave a color to this town, but with a carrier it was a hassle to get there.

When I got to the town, it was about 8 p.m. Though it was still bright but most of stores were closed. In case of riding the flixbus, I recommend you to bring some food if you’re not going to eat out dinner on your arrival day. The supermarket seemed to be closed quite early. I don’t remember exactly the opening hours, but by the time when I arrived at the town it was already closed.

I stayed in an airbnb, and I couldn’t even meet the owner because it was too late. Considering the fact that many people use the bus to get into the town, I think it’s very common there to get your key from nearby store. We got the key from a bar on the first floor of the building. The house was on the second floor of the bar and big enough for a big family. We were four adults and the room had three beds(including one double bed) and a big living room with kitchen. We didn’t use the kitchen, but it can be useful if you’re travelling with kids.

The town is like a hidden gem.It’s like a village that you can see in a fairly tale. Two-three floored houses covered with greenery hills and streets covered with pebbles. You can enjoy water activities at Vltava River such as rafting. From the viewpoint in the castle, you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the village.

Just keep in mind that the castle is only open to the public in the specific time of the year. It’s recommended to the check the schedule of the palace beforehand. Don’t forget to see the bears at the entrance of the castle. The entrance for the castle was 300 CZK for full admission with guided tour, which is about 13 USD. English tour is conducted only few times per day, thus please check in advance if you’d like to participate the guided tour.

Walking around the village, I felt in love with Cesky. It’s not super exciting place, but it’s perfect to spend your holidays or weekend to relax. Streets are full of small shops and colorful houses didn’t make mIf you’re looking for somewhere other than Prague in Czech Republic, I recommend you Cesky Krumlov to visit for your holidays.

The town is quite small, thus it will be enough for a day if you’re visiting to go to touristic spots. But if you’re using flixbus as I did, there’s only one direct bus from Cesky to Vienna per day in the morning (8:55 a.m.), thus you may need a place to stay for two nights.

Enjoy your trip with Marimonda! See you soon. 🙂

Practical Info.

Cesky Castle

Address : Zámek 59, 381 01 Český Krumlov, Czechia

Hours : 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.(Tue.-Sun.) Closed from 1st Nov.- 1st Apr.


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Casse Croûte Grec

Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to introduce you a kebab resto. It is very common to see a kebab place in Paris. Almost every block has one kebab restaurant in downtown. If you see a red and yellow(sometimes white) sign at night, it’s probably a kebab restaurant. Kebab is originally from Middle East, however in Paris (or maybe in France) it’s very easy to find kebab place every corner due to many immigrants.

Thanks to its cheap price and big portion, Casse Croûte Grec is beloved food by students who can’t have proper meal during the day because of the class schedule or other reasons. It also serves crêpes, but their specialty is kebab. Plus, there’s famous crêpes resto in Rue Mouffetard (5th arrondissement), and I’d like to post of that place soon.

This dark green kebab house attracts the eyes from far distance. It’s located in 5th near Sorbonne university. During the semester usually it’s crowded with students. It seems like a mouth to ear restaurant among students, and that’s how I found this place, too. I always see many students having kebab on the picnic table next to Pantheon and finally I was one of them.

The restaurant chosen one of the best kebab places in Paris by (I think it’s a kebab community, haven’t heard of it before). The store is very small and the seats are not that comfortable, probably that’s why many people take out their lunch or snack here. I’ve been here couple of times and there’s always one cook who takes order and prepares the food. Thus, the service seems to be slower than other places, but since it’s a fast food your kebab will be ready within five minutes unless there’s a queue.

When you order a plate(assiette kebab), they serve the bread separately, thus you can wrap your meat and veggies if you’d like. That’s easier to eat in the restaurant but to take out obviously kebab is better since you wouldn’t need any utensil to eat it. I recommend algerian sauce (the orangish sauce on the plate) to add your kebab. It has little bit of spicy flavor thus the sauce goes really well with kebab, which can be a bit greasy as time goes by. Also it’s an amazing combination with french fries.

Maybe I am not that into kebab that much, so I didn’t find any specialty of this place to be honest. Or, I’ve tried only 3~4 kebab restaurants in Paris, thus it’s too small number of places to compare. What I liked the most here was french fries because they’re prepared right after the order. The price of the menu is less than 10 euros including a drink.

Happy Travel with Marimonda 🙂 See you soon!

Practical Info.

Address : 4 rue de l’Ecole Polytechnique  75005 Paris

Hours : 11 a.m. – 1:30 a.m. (Mon. – Sat.) Closed on Sunday

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Chefs du quartier

Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to introduce you chefs du quartier, a concept restaurant in Paris. Being a world gourmet city, there are so many good restaurants in Paris. I even have a long wish list for restaurants. Since I can’t afford all of them, I need to think and plan well before I visit restaurants. Last time I introduced Pierre Sang (to see my previous post on Pierre Sang, click here), where you can get a decent three-course meal for €25. Chefs du quartier is not that fancy, it looks like a typical restaurant you can find every corner, but it offers warm and comfortable atmosphere with yummy home food.

It’s located near 13th arrondissement, not in touristic area. Thus, if you’re visiting Paris only for few days, maybe it’s not worth to visit, because time will be very important for you. However, if you have relatively enough time in Paris and you’d like to try for budget course meal, this place is for you.

Welcomed its first guest in 2014, the restaurant offers not only the food, but also offer cooking classes, or cooking related activities. Today’s menu is the only menu. When I visited, today’s menu was beet yogurt purée, risotto with duck and green vegetables, and apple pie.

We ordered three course meal and a glass of wine.

The two-course meal costs € 11.5, and the three-course meal is €15. The both menu includes a cup of coffee in the end. A glass of wine is €3 and teas are €1. Baguette is unlimited. If you take out your food, it’s €2~3 cheaper than restaurant price.

Amongst the dish I had, I liked the entrée the most. It was very creamy and refreshing. Also it went really well with its crunch nut garnish and sliced green onion. Risotto is good. When it was just served it was very yummy, but as it got colder, the duck became a bit greasy. Maybe that’s why they put a lot of coriander above to refresh you. For dessert, apple pie was served. It was good but it wasn’t that impressive.

Overall, it was a satisfying visit. The price was reasonable and the food was good. Actually, I went there for three times but every single time I went, it was full. This time I went there really early like 11:30 a.m. to check if the seats are available. The cook told me that there was a seat today, but he recommended to book a table in advance. Since the restaurant is quite small and serves relatively balanced food with good price, it’s always full.

Happy Travel with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

Practical Info.

Address : 12 Rue du Jura, 75013 Paris, France

Hours : 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. (Mon.-Fri. ~7:45 p.m. on Wed.)  / 12 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. (Sat.)  / Closed on Monday


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Café Central

Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to introduce you café central, another famous coffeehouse in Vienna. There are three well-known coffeehouses in Vienna, the first one is café sachet (to see my previous post, click here), Demel, and Café central. While the previous two are recognized its chocolate cake, the last one is more known for its history. Imagine that the coffee you’re having now and the table you’re sitting were the exactly the same as if it were 100 years ago. As a center of influential people, café central was a meeting place for philosophers, writers, and intellectuals at that time. It’s been almost 150 years since it’s opened its door for the first time, this place is still loved by people from all around the world.

The building looks a bit different from its neighboring ones because this one was built followed Italian architect style.


The inside of the cafe is very bright and you can feel the history from its interior design. On the wall, there are portraits of Emperor and Empress of Austria. High ceiling and big windows makes the coffeehouse more warm and cozy. Thanks to the long windows, you could enjoy the natural light at any table inside the coffee house. I loved it.

Menu and Service

Here, you can find from vienna schnitzel to dessert like other coffeehouses in Vienna(to see the post on figlmuller-one of the best schnitzel places in Vienna- click here). We ordered one einspänner, one espresso one apple crumble, and one pancake with stewed plum.

On the menu, it is said that the pancake with stewed plum can take about 20 mins but it served less than 10 mins to my table (I’ve been to two times, and both of them I got it relatively quickly). I think they put the maximum time to wait, since it’s served later than the others. You can tell it was freshly cooked because it was warm. And it goes really well with the plum sauce.

As you can see in the picture, the apple crumble is full of apple. Just one bite, you would feel its rich flavor and different textures of ingredients which make the pie more delicious. The whipping cream on the top of the coffee was very soft and it just melted away in the mouth. Though, Italian espresso is number one in my heart.

Also pieces of cakes are available, you just tell the server the number of the cake, and he will bring it to you. The showcase is located just right next to the entrance, so after assigned a seat you can go can pick the cake you’d like. Other menus like apple crumble or pancakes are on the menu. A cup of coffee costs €5~10, and the desserts also cost €5~10. The portion of the dessert is pretty big, two people can share one dessert if you ate something before or are going to eat something after. All desserts are so yummy, but a bit pricey.

Happy travel with Marimonda! See you soon 🙂 

Practical Info.

Address : Herrengasse 14, 1010 Wien, Austria

Hours : 7 : 30a.m. – 10 p.m. (Mon.-Sat.) 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. (Sun.)


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Café Sacher

Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to introduce you café sacher, probably the most famous coffee shop in Vienna, Austria. Yesterday I posted a review of Figlmuller, a schnitzel place in Vienna (to see my previous post, click here). In this post, I continue reviews of restaurants in Vienna. Located in the center of the city, this place would be a paradise for dessert lovers. Once you step in, you would smell sweet, which will make you happy right away.


Café sacher is a very classical place. Red velvet sofas make here like a upscale salon. The cafe is full of people, but it’s not noisy, so I could relaxed and chilled out.

Menu and Service

You can find all types of coffees here (except iced coffee, overall it’s hard to find an iced coffee in European countries). Their signature sacher torta is a must item. When I saw the cake, I thought it was very small. However, after tasting it, I changed my mind. Since it’s very sweet (personally, too sweet), it may difficult to have one whole piece by oneself. We were a group of four people and we ordered two sacher tortas, one tea, two coffees, and one aperol.

The cake was served with whipping cream on its side and the cream went really well with the torta. As I mentioned above, the cake was really sweet with rich chocolate flavor. If you are tired and have a long day, a bite of this cake will wake you up and give you energy right away!

You can find the original sacher in different cities such as salzburg, graz, and innsbruck. I haven’t been to other places, but I am pretty sure the quality of the cake will be the same. For drinks it costs about € 5~9 and the original sacher torta is €7.5. Alcoholic beverages are a bit more expensive, thus you can set up your budget about €13~20 per person. It’s expensive, but you shouldn’t miss it when you visit Vienna.

Happy travel with Marimonda! See you soon 🙂 

Practical Info.

Address : Philharmoniker Str. 4, 1010 Wien, Austria

Hours :  8 a.m. – 12 a.m.


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Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to introduce you Figlmüller, a restaurant well-known for its schnitzel. Schnitzel is a must eat dish when you visit Vienna, Austria. One day I saw a TV program, and there was a celebrity introducing schnitzel. It looked so yummy and I decided to visit Vienna to try schnitzel. Technically speaking, my first trip to vienna was to try out schnitzel, and it was successful. Thus, I went to Vienna again this Summer. Since schnitzel is one of the representative dishes of Austria, you would find countless restaurants selling this food. But my choice is Figlmuller, and I go to this place whenever I visit Vienna.


The restaurant is big (multi-floor, and multi-branch), and there are three branches nearby. Thus, if you make an online reservation, you should know which one you booked. Even though the restaurant is big, the atmosphere is very cozy thanks to its warm illumination. It’s always busy with locals and tourists, the restaurant is full of energy. You may book a table before your visit otherwise you can wait for long time.

Or you can go slightly before or later than lunch or dinner time. If I go to the restaurant without a reservation, I always do it to save time. In this way, you can also get your dish served very quickly and have a meal in a pleasant atmosphere. By the time people get into the restaurant, you would be ready to leave.

Menu and Service

They offer various schnitzels and some other dishes. Their specialty is pan-fried food (veal, pork, chicken, etc..). Probably Figlmüller schnitzel following the same recipe since 1905 is the most loved one.

First of all, I’d like to mention about the portion of the food. Well, as you can see in the picture, it’s HUGE. A schnitzel costs €15.5, it’s not that cheap but it’s enough for one and half person in my opinion. If you’re a group of two people, it would be a good idea to order one schnitzel and other dish to try. We ordered a schnitzel, butter rice, and spinach cheese balls. A dipping jam is also available, and it adds up more flavor to the meat. It’s highly recommended. It was big enough so we took out a potato salad for later.

The quality of the food is high. All ingredients were fresh and it was very yummy. They’re friendly but the service was a bit slow. As I mentioned above, since we arrived a bit earlier than typical dinner time (arrived around 5:30 p.m.), we got the food relatively fast, but when we added more drinks it took a while to get them.

The meat is very thin as you can see in the picture above. You can feel the crispy surface and the tenderness of the meat at the same time. It’s more delicious with the jam. It would be better if they provided the jam for free, but even if you pay for it, it’s worth to spend your few euros because it’s full of fruit.

I’m always satisfied with the food whenever I visit here. Probably I would go back if I travel back to Vienna. The budget for a person would be around €23~30 depending on the drinks.

Happy travel with Marimonda! See you again 🙂

Practical Info.

Address : Bäckerstraße 6, 1010 Wien, Austria

Hours :  11:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.


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Hello, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to share my day trip to Bratislava. It’s the capital city of Slovakia. Five countries are bordering with Slovakia(Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine) and thanks to this geographical characteristic, the country has influenced a lot from neighboring countries and Bratislava as a capital of Slovakia become a culturally rich city.

It’s located in the middle of Vienna and Budapest, thus many tourists put this city on their route including me. It takes about three hours by bus from Budapest to Bratislava and it costs about €10 ~ € 30 depending the time you purchase the ticket. I searched before and it seemed to me a bit small city, thus I thought I would have enough time if I arrive there in the morning. Unfortunately, there was a car accident on the way. As a result, the bus took almost 6 hours. OMG… But what could I do? It’s just part of the travelling. Anything can happen. 😦 Sadly, I couldn’t visit the Bratislava castle. I just saw it from far distance. Someday, I’d like to come back to visit he castle and do a Danube river cruise.

We stayed at Hotel Tatra next to the Presidential Palace. It was a bit far away from the flixbus station (about 20 mins by foot). After being stuck for long time in the bus, another walking made me exhausted. On the other hand, it was just right next to the old town and it was easy to go to the touristic spots. The room wasn’t fancy, but it was clean and well-organized. I got a free drink coupon that I can use it at the hotel bar. The receptionists were relatively young compared to other hotels I’ve ever been to, and friendly. The price was less than €100 even though it was a high season including breakfast.

Things to do in Bratislava

Bratislava is a traveler friendly city. Most of the touristic places are in walking distance, thus you don’t need to pay for the transportation. The old town begins from Michael’s Gate. Michael’s Gate was built in medieval time and has been preserved well. After passing the gate, you would see the busiest area full of restaurants and stores in Bratislava. The old town is small enough to wonder around freely without worrying of being lost. You could see many people having a meal or a coffee break all day long. Also you could bump into many group of tourists.

Statues are also must see things in Bratislava. There are iconic statues such as Man at Work, Napoleon’s Army Soldier, or Paparazzi. Most of them are in the old town area and it’s pleasure to meet these statues unexpectedly.

Bratislava Castle is one of the most important architectures in Bratislava. The castle is on the hill, thus you can see the city view with the Danube river over there. The entrance fee is free, but you may pay some to enter exhibitions.

Roxor burger in Bratislava

If you’re a burger lover, Roxor won’t let you down. With its signature sauce and fries, roxor is one of the most loved burger place in Bratislava. I didn’t plan to have burger, thus I went there without reservation. All the seats were reserved already from 7 p.m. and luckily I arrived there around 6 p.m. The server asked me if I was okay to finish the meal within 30 mins. I was in rush, but I have to admit that it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever tried in Europe.

On the following day, I had to leave for Vienna. I took flixbus again. Instead of walking, this time I took a cab and it was a very good choice. The bus stop is in the middle of nowhere (in front of a stadium I think), and it was different from the stop I arrived. Make sure to have enough time to arrive! I arrived about 5 mins ago but the bus arrived about 10 mins later than it scheduled. I thought I missed the bus.

Enjoy your trip with Marimonda! See you soon. 🙂

Practical Info.

Bratislava Castle

Address :  Hrad, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia

Hours : 1st Apr. – 31st Oct. 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (Last entry 5 p.m.)

1st Nov.-31st Mar. 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Last entry 4 p.m.)

Closed on Monday.

website no English website.


Address : Šancová 19, 811 05 Bratislava, Slovakia

Hours : 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. (Tue.-Fri.) 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (Sat.) 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Sun.)

Closed on Monday.