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Budapest Restaurants

Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to introduce you two cafes and one restaurant worth to visit in Budapest.

New York Palace Café

The first place I’d like to share my review is New York Palace Café. This is very famous on SNS thanks to its palace-like decoration. Thanks to the decoration and the live classical music, you would feel as if you were a king or a queen participating a party. Literally, it’s like a having a coffee or tea in a Palace.

As you can see below, the cafe looks stunning! You might be able to the best selfie in your life! While the atmosphere was lovely, the service and the quality of the food didn’t reach my expectation. Since the price was quite high, I was expecting a decent service and food. The service was somewhat slow and the servers were not that friendly. I ordered americano (1800 HUF) and Somlói Sponge Cake (2950HUF). The coffee and cakes were yummy but nothing special. It was a shame that I couldn’t chill out due to the pressure of the waiting line.

The drink and a cake cost me a bit less than 12 euros, and you may think it can be a normal price at a high-end coffee shop in Budapest.

Café Gerbeaud

Located just in front of the Vörösmarty tér station, Café Gerbeaud is a good place to feel the active mood of the downtown of Budapest. This place doesn’t have any super fancy decoration, but it’s been love for more than 150 years. Like other European cafes, outdoor seats are much more popular than indoor seats. You may see people chatting and looking at the others walking by while having a cup of coffee. This place is less busier than New York Palace Cafe, thus you can relax a bit more.

The price is not cheap, but they offer a dessert plate which includes four different types of mini desserts. I ordered Hungarian Classics on One Plate (3490 HUF) and iced americano (1350 HUF). New York cafe has better atmosphere and decoration, but I think here’s iced coffee is better.

Kéhli Vendéglö

I decided to write a review on cafe or restaurant that I would like to recommend in Budapest to introduce this restaurant. It was the best one, I tried during my stay in Budapest. Kéhli Vendéglö, this Hungarian food restaurant is worth to visit.

We ordered a Goulash(entree), Stuffed Cabbage, and Steak. All of them were delicious. My favorite was Goulash. The meat was very soft and all spices are well harmonized together. The stuffed cabbage was a bit salty for me, but it also had spicy taste. The two plates fulfilled my eager to spicy food. Lastly, the steak was a perfect match to two with its meaty taste. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish all because the portion of the food was too big for us.

The price was also reasonable. The main dish cost about 3000 HUF on average, considering the iced coffee at the two coffee shops above cost 1800 HUF, it’s not that expensive in my opinion. Since it’s a bit far away from the downtown, I recommend you to book a table before your visit.

Hope this review help you to choose a right restaurant in Budapest. See you again 🙂

Practical Info.

New York Palace Café Address : Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9-11, 1073 Hungary

Hours :  08:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.


Café Gerbeaud Address : Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7-8, 1051 Hungary

Hours :  09:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.


Kéhli Vendéglö Address : Budapest, Mókus u. 22, 1036 Hungary

Hours :  12:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. (Mon. -Fri.)

12:00 p.m. -4:00 p.m. & 5:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. (weekends)


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Budapest- Memento Park

Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to post about <Memento Park> of Budapest. It’s a park full of statues of communist dictatorship such as Stalin’s boots, Lenin, Marx and Engels, etc. It’s a place to feel and experience of the communist history.

The Stalin’s boots will welcome you when you arrive the park. The boots are much bigger than it looks, so don’t be surprised. After seeing these huge boots, I could imagine how powerful the communism was in the past . There are many statues in the park, but the park itself is not that big. Thus, one hour will be enough to look around the park.

On the other side of the entrance, you would see the statue of Marx and Engels who are the most well-known communists in the world.

There’s also an exhibition salon of pictures and short movies in the communist era. However, if you expect a lot for this place, you may be disappointed. To be honest, I don’t recommend to visit here if you don’t stay in Budapest for more than three days. It’s an unique museum(park) for sure, but you will need at least for three hours including the travel time. Plus, it’s not that tourist-friendly place in my opinion. I thought that visiting this place would help me understand much more about the Communism and the historical background when it appeared, but not enough explanations were provided. Thus it was difficult to understand its meanings and history unless you already have some background knowledge on it.

It can be more touristic place if the government put some effort into it, ironically it would lose its color if it’s full of tourists in my opinion.

Hope you enjoyed the visit to the Memento Park with Marimonda. See you soon 🙂

Practical Info.

Address : Budapest, Balatoni út – Szabadkai utca sarok, 1223 Hungary

Hours : 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Ticket : 1500 HUF (adult), Free of charge for Budapest card holders

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Hi, it’s me Marimonda!

Today, I’d like to share my visit to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. I already posted my accomodation review before. If you’re interested in, click here.

Brief History

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. The city used to be three different areas : Buda, Obuda, and Pest, but they were united in one (Budapest) in 1873. Today, it’s one city but still people call the west side of the Danube for Buda and the east side of the river for Pest. It can be confusing which side is east or west, then simply think where you can find the Buda castle is Buda area. If you are on the side of the Parliament, you’re on the Pest side.

The city provided the metro service in 1896 (the 2nd metro in the world after London). The public transport system seemed very well organized and worked efficiently. Budapest near the Danube river became Unesco World Heritage in 1987 under the name of < Budapest, including the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue>.

Where to visit?

There are many things to enjoy in Budapest. From historical buildings to modern ones and variety of food will satisfy your all senses. The view of the Budapest is well-known, esp. the night view is amazing. You can see the astonishing views not only from the Buda hill, but also all around the city.

I intended to get lost here, thus I didn’t look for a map in the city except I went to cafes and restaurants where I planned to visit before the trip. Looking back the trip, I think I should’ve participated in the free walking tours provided to the Budapest card holders to get to know the city better. I enjoyed the city, but I feel like I missed many parts of the city. But that’s what a travel should be. You always miss something, which will make you visit the place again.

Walking around the Buda area. I saw Matthias Church, which is a mixture of different cultures for sure. With the sharp tower, it’s like a Gothic style church but the mosaic roof made this church be unique. I also found Fisherman’s Bastion, where offer me a breathtaking panorama view of the city from the Buda district. In some photo spots, I had to wait to take good pictures, but it was worth it. The building itself is a picturesque place, too.

The view was also amazing. I felt as if I were in a painting. The sky, river and the city harmonized like a picture. In Budapest, there were many colorful buildings caught my eyes. Amongst them, I loved this post office. The tone downed yellow and greenery blue colors gives a strong impression with the intense red-colored post box. It’s colorful, but not too bright, I thought it somewhat reflected the characteristic of the city.

The night view of Budapest is famous, and it didn’t let me down. The illuminated buildings in the dark and the reflections on the river were unbelievable. You can take a river cruise to enjoy the view or simply sitting down on a good spot and wait until the sunset. A bottle of Tokaji wine will make your night perfect.

The Parliament is a must see place in the Pest area. You can participate a guided tour inside of the parliament. You should make a reservation in advance. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the spot, thus I couldn’t have the opportunity to get in. The building itself is outstanding and enormous day and night. The official website of the Parliament to reserve a visit, click here.

You shouldn’t miss out the statues on the streets. Most of them are placed in the Pest section. From the famous <Shoes by the Danube> , which modelled on 60 pairs of shoes from the 1940s to commemorate people who were shot into the Danube by the Hungarian Nazis. It’ll be remembered by all visitors. You can also find the Fat Policeman and the Newsboy, etc on the street of Pest.

Hope you enjoyed the visit to Budapest with Marimonda. More posts on Budapest will be continued.

See you soon 🙂

Practical Info.

Budapest Card

Budapest card is a simple way to enjoy Budapest. It includes unlimited public transport and many places such as museums and spa including walking tours. Various types are available, thus you can choose depending on your stay in Budapest. It’s slightly cheaper in Hungarian Forint to Euro.

From Airport to Downtown

On the day of arrival, I bought a sim card (vodafone) first to get me connected. I knew there was an express bus to the center of the capital (Deák Tér and Kálvin Tér), but there is also a regional bus that goes to the city. When you ask to the travel info at the airport, they usually tell you the express one (100E, 900HUF- slightly more than 3 USD) which you can’t take with your Budapest card. Since I purchased the Budapest card which allows me to free access to public transport, I decided a regional bus (200E) and it wasn’t that take longer than bus 100E. Though we were the only tourists in that bus. If you don’t have the Budapest card, you should think well. The single ticket costs 350 HUF, and with 200E you need a paid-transfer to get to the downtown.

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Hotel Gellert

Hi, it’s me Marimonda.

Today I’d like to share my experience at Hotel Gellert in Budapest.

Brief History

As a member of Danubius Hotel Group, Hotel Gellert is known for its architect and thermal baths. The building broke the ground in 1912. The construction took about six years due to the World War I. The hotel welcomed its first guest in 1918. It’s been more than a century, now the hotel itself is a worth-to-see building in Budapest. Its gorgeous art-nouveau and neo-baroque style draws people’s attention. The Spa Gellert is connected to the hotel, which helps guests access easily inside the hotel. Also, they offer some discount for the spa if you’re staying in the hotel. Considering the fact that Budapest is a city known for its spa, it will be nice to stay here one day to enjoy the spa. I couldn’t take pictures of the spa and the swimming pool, but the decoration was stunning. What I liked the most was I could go there in a swimsuit with a gown(offered by hotel) from my room to the place and come back to my room to shower after. I would say it’s a perfect place for a weekend off!

How to get there?

Located in the center of Budapest, Hotel Gellert is easy to access by public transportation(Szent Gellért tér, metro line 4). There’s also a tram station right in front of the hotel which help you look around the city more easily. You can also ask the hotel to arrange a taxi for you. It takes about 30-40 mins and costs 9,000-10,000 Forints (30-35 USD).


From the reception to the room, it reminds me of the movie < The Grand Budapest Hotel >. The construction was well balanced with tone on tone style. I reserved a standard room and got a one with the riverview. (There are two views available : river and hill). The room was not that spacious, but it was cozy and comfortable for two people. Seeing the facilities, you can tell the hotel has a long history, but all of them are well managed. I loved the its symmetry style and the mixture of the colors in the furniture. Based on the gold, brown and dark green I felt very relaxed and peaceful. The room was quiet, but if you leave the window open you can feel the busy capital city of Hungary.

Service & Price

The receptionists are very friendly, but always busy. Various options are available at the breakfast buffet with the riverview. Price is vary depending on the date and the room-type. A standard room will cost about €100-120 per night.

Hope you enjoyed the Hotel Gellért review with Marimonda 🙂 See you soon!

Practical Info.

Address : Budapest, Szent Gellért tér 2, 1114 Hungary